St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Love, learn and live in Christ!

We have reached the end of a rather turbulent term but I want to express my thanks to our children for their continued effort and positivity, our parents and carers for their patience and support, our staff for their dedication and hard work and our governors for all the support and hard work behind the scenes to support our school. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break, knowing that as a school family we will all continue to be careful so that we can come back to have an amazing summer term! Mrs Hodges You can email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can:


Our School Staff Team!


Mrs. M. Hodges



Mrs. L. Lloyd


Miss. J. Vogel

Year 1  

Mrs. S. Stewart - Senior Leader with Responsibility for English

Year 2 

Mrs C. Slack - Senior Leader with a specific responsibility for Special Educational Needs

Mrs K. McVeigh - Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

Year 3  

Mrs. M. Dennison

Year 4 

Mrs. J. Curry - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Mrs. C. Foxcroft - Thursday and Friday

Year 5  

Mrs. E. Hartley - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Mrs. A. Eland - Thursday and Friday

Mr Dix teaches a computing lesson on Friday afternoon

Mr Eady teaches a music lesson on Monday afternoon

Year 6 

Mrs. C. Bonner - Deputy Head and Maths Leader

Mr Dix teaches a computing lesson on Friday afternoon

Mr Walters teaches a music lesson on Monday afternoon


Mrs. K. McVeigh also teaches French across Key Stage 2 and teaches in Year 1 and 2 for PPA and management release 

Mrs G. Howgate covers Reception class on a Thursday afternoon for PPA

Nursery Nurses  

Mrs. K. Normanton     Mrs. R. Acheson                                                                                                                                             


Senior Administrator

Mrs. N. Thompson

Admin Assistant

Mrs. Y. Sutcliffe

Teaching Assistants

Mrs J. Tolan

Mrs. D. Connolly

Mrs M. Midgley

Mrs J. Michaels

Mrs G. Brook  

Mrs J. Heyhoe

Mrs E. Rowlands

Mrs P. Esgate

Mrs J. McGovern

Miss. N. Eames


Lunchtime Supervisors                  

Mrs D. Connolly (Senior)       Mrs J. Tolan                  

Mrs G. Brook                         Mrs P. Esgate                                   

Mrs M. Midgley                     Mrs G. Howgate

Mrs L Murray


Site Manager

Mr D. Poole



Mrs D. Krucinski

Mrs J. Tolan


Kitchen Staff     

Mrs K. Purvis (Cook)

Mrs  P. Wadsworth

Mrs J. Jones

Mrs S. Cronshaw


Peripatatic Music Staff                                                                                                                                                     

Mr. Walters (Guitar and Ukelele)


ICT Teaching Support

Mr. Dix - teaching Computing in Years 5 and 6 


Breakfast Club

Mrs J. Tolan

Mrs D. Connolly

Mrs M. Midgley

Mrs J. Michaels

Mrs P. Esgate


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