St Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy

Love, learn and live in Christ!

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. We extend a warm welcome to you and hope you enjoy looking round. School opens for our children on Monday 6th September and we cannot wait to see everyone! We have a few Nursery and Reception places still available so if you would like to know more please contact us by email or alternatively ring the school office on 01484 713037 to chat to Mrs Thompson or Mrs Sutcliffe who will give you advice and support. I hope to see you soon! Mrs Hodges


Protocols and Information for Autumn 2021  

Please bear in mind that protocols may need to change depending on further guidance for schools from Public Health over the term. If things do change I will alert you by text and post the new information on the website.


  • I am sure your child will be kitted out ready for the start of school in line with the uniform policy and that they are able to remove any earrings for PE unless you are taking them out

Arriving at school: 

  • Please continue using the one-way system which makes drop off run more smoothly
  • Key Stage 2 children come down on their own – parents/carers of children moving into Year 3 do not worry, I shall be on the playground with Mrs Bonner as usual!
  • Children need to arrive between 8.50am – when the door opens – at 9am – when the door will close

What your child needs: 

  • Please ensure your child brings a coat every day
  • They also need a water bottle as usual – labelled with their name
  • Each item of uniform should be labelled with their name
  • Your child’s teacher will post any additional information on the class webpage so do keep checking

Picking your child up from school: 

  • Please continue using the one-way system which makes drop off run more smoothly
  • Polite reminder – NO children should be on/using the slides, music or trim trails as you wait

Reception and Key Stage 1 

  • ALL classes will finish at 3.25pm. The bell will ring a few minutes before to alert the teachers and the children will come out onto the playground as usual
  • Year 1 and 2 parents/carers – please bear in mind we will have parents/carers new to the school, so smile and give them a friendly St Joseph’s welcome. It can be daunting if you don’t know any or many others

Key Stage 2 

  • All classes finish at 3.25pm. The bell will ring a few minutes before to alert the teachers and the children will come out onto the playground as usual
  • Year 3 parents/carers please wait by the steps to the patio area (by the white playground dots) as the class will come out from the KS1 corridor door
  • Year 4 parents/carers please wait in the walled area at the top end of the playground as the class will come out of the hall door
  • Year 5 parents/carers please wait at the bottom of the playground in the green soft surface area
  • Year 6 parents/carers please wait by the fence area (by the red and green dots)

If your child forgets something and you have to drop it off 

Mrs Thompson and Miss Sutcliffe will receive any forgotten items in the office but we will be reminding your child to:

  • not forget what they need in the first place (tip: have a box by the door and put everything you need for the next day in it before bed time – nothing will be forgotten!)
  • to come to the office at break or lunchtime to check if it has been dropped off
  • please do not ring the office to tell them you are dropping something off – just bring it

Contacting the office: 

Please keep hold of letters and information sent home, perhaps a screen shot of important texts/letters, so that you have the information you need to hand. Write important information on a calendar/diary so you can stay well informed. Please, before you ring the office:

  • check information, please check your child’s webpage or the homepage of the website
  • consider if it can wait until the end of the day when you can speak to the teacher
  • can you email your child’s teacher instead of ringing the office?

Don’t get me wrong – we want to communicate with you, of course we do, but we also want to be as efficient as we can. You can help us in this. 

COVID information following Government Guidelines: 

  • All the staff have been doubly vaccinated
  • If your child develops symptoms they need to get a PCR test and isolate until the results are known – please inform school
  • If your child comes into contact with a positive case, they do not need to isolate but can still come to school if they have no symptoms
  • A child can come to school if they have no symptoms even if a member of their own household has tested positive
  • If your child has no symptoms but is waiting for a PCR result because they have been identified as a contact, they can come to school until the result is known