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We have reached the end of a rather turbulent term but I want to express my thanks to our children for their continued effort and positivity, our parents and carers for their patience and support, our staff for their dedication and hard work and our governors for all the support and hard work behind the scenes to support our school. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break, knowing that as a school family we will all continue to be careful so that we can come back to have an amazing summer term! Mrs Hodges You can email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can:


Sports Premium


Implementing the ‘Sports Premium’ at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

The Government has given every Primary School funding to develop Physical Education and competitive sport.

In 2019 - 2020 we have been allocated £17 770 Sports Premium which will be paid in instalments over the course of the year.

Membership costs to the Pennine Sports Partnership remains the same at £3 000.

We are using the Sports Premium funding to sustain our membership with the Pennine Sports Partnership and to:

  • Continue to provide access to sports’ specialist teachers and coaches to enable our children to gain new skills and experiences in after school club activities eg: archery, athletics, dance, gymnastics etc £1 500
  • The activities are very well attended and the children enjoy them, further developing their skills
  • Provide CPD for our KS1 staff in order to further develop the quality of provision £600
  • Continue to enable our children to take part in competitive sport
  • Many of our children took part in out of school competitive events as well as intra school events planned and led by either the Pennine Sports Partnership or by our PE Leader 
  • Continue to encourage our children to improve their leadership skills through sport
  • Our Play Leaders accessed training from the Pennine Sports Partnership and organised games and activities on a regular basis. Our Junior Leadership Team also received training on planning and delivering sports activities across the school
  • Continue to give extra support in PE to our most talented children
  • Some of our children have the chance to attend events through the Pennine Sports Partnership
  • Access community sports events such as the athletics competition at All Saints
  • Send groups of children to the Halifax Schools’ Swimming Gala £100
  • This did not take place due to lockdown
  • Provide 'Learn to Ride a Bike' scheme for any children in KS1 who cannot yet ride a bike £1 200 
  • This did not take place due to lockdown
  • Provide ‘balanceability’ sessions for those children who cannot yet ride a bike to ensure that they can £700
  • This did not take place due to lockdown
  • Continue to send groups of children to the Sports Barn in Huddersfield to participate in a range of sports hall athletics £30
  • This did not take place due to lockdown
  • Subsidise the cost of adventurous activity for our Year 6 children £1 640
  • This did not take place due to lockdown
  • Provide release for the PE Leader to attend meetings during the year £600
  • 2/4 meetings took place and as a result additional support was given for PE assessment
  • Administration £200

        Total Committed - £11 198

        Balance - £6 572 - which will be spent on identified areas/items of need


Developments under consideration for 2020-2021

  • Additional equipment for playtime/lunchtime as requested by the children or identified by the staff
  • Development of the outdoor patio area for KS2 - installation of 3 way shooters
  • Development of the soft surface area for KS2 
  • Membership of the Pennine Sports Partnership £3 000
  • Mindfulness resources
  • Netball after school provision
  • Football after school provision
  • After School Sports club once a week with sports coach- £2 000 
  • Provide release for the PE Leader to attend meetings during the year either on zoom/in person £600