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Welcome to our school website! We do hope you will have a good look round the different sections to see what we get up to! Here are some of the things our parents/carers said in our latest survey - Sept 2019: 100% said their child is safe and happy in school; staff value parents/carers; information is always cascaded well; welcoming, nurturing, family environment; school is fun; staff are fab; we are lucky with the support school gives; great, positive leader; the Catholic life; my child is challenged to reach their full potential; the quality of input is excellent = academic progress and development as a well rounded individual; pastoral care; educational visits; teach with passion.....and lots more! We hope your journey through our website will help you see what they mean!


St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School


Ratification by Governors

Review date

Spring 2018

Spring 2020






At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School we want staff and pupils to enjoy the sun safely.


We will work with staff, pupils and parents to achieve this through:



  • Children will be told during an assembly ‘How to be Sun safe’ and given reminders
  • Parents/carers are reminded how to keep their child safe in newsletters



  • The school playground has shade provided by the school building and by some trees
  • Children will be reminded to spend some time in the shade during lunchtime play



  • Staff will use their professional judgement as to whether the children need to be brought in to the building for shade/cooler environment



  • Children will be encouraged to wear sun hats when appropriate



  • Parents/carers are asked to ensure that their children are protected by long lasting sunscreen each day before they arrive at school and are protected by appropriate clothing
  • Staff will have sunscreen in school that they will endeavour to administer if the need arises
  • The use of sunscreen will be encouraged if the children are to spend any length of time outside on hot days e.g. on school trips



  • All pupils are asked to bring water bottles to school every day
  • Fresh drinking water is always available