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St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School



Healthy Snack Policy for Key Stage 2


Ratification by Governors

Review date

Spring 2018

Spring 2020



Our school has achieved the National Healthy Schools Standard.

To support our approach to healthy lifestyles we have a Healthy Snack Policy.



Our children can bring cheese, fruit, vegetables, yoghurt or salad for their morning snack.


Our children can bring a snack of their choice or buy from the school Fairtrade Tuck Shop. There is a range of snacks for 80p.


No snacks containing nuts will be allowed at any time.



To encourage children to:

  • Be aware of healthier options
  • Eat healthier snacks
  • Try foods they might not otherwise choose


To promote:

  • Sustained energy rather than a quick boost
  • Improved concentration from less sugary snacks
  • Health awareness/ looking after our bodies as part of RE and PHSCE
  • An increased litter free environment through less packaging
  • One part of the recommended intake of fruit and vegetables



This policy will help parents to support their children’s daily intake of fruit and vegetables.