St Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy

Love, learn and live in Christ!

OPEN AFTERNOON MONDAY 8TH NOVEMBER 1.30PM. If you are interested in applying for a place for your child in our Reception Class for September 2022 please come along! We would love to tell you about our school and why being part of our family is such a special place to be! Mrs Hodges Headteacher


NEWSLETTER 13 Friday 14th February 2020

Love, Learn and Live in Christ!

Dear Parents/Carers
I do hope that Storm Ciara didn’t cause you too much disruption last week. I know that many in our local community were affected. This weekend Storm Dennis is forecasted so please take care when you are going out and about.
We must all make sure too we look out for those vulnerable people in our communities - family, friends and neighbours.
Our focus Virtue is CHARITY and this is founded on acts that are selfless and not selfish. It is not all about raising funds for charitable organisations, although that comes into it. Charity begins with how how we interact with, and behave towards, others. What can we do to live out the virtue of charity in our daily lives?

• I treat everyone as I would like to be treated.
• I do simple acts of kindness to show my love.
• I show my love for God by caring for others.
• I give my time to help others.
• I share what I have with others.

Mid Point through the Year!
We have had a great half term in school with lots going on and the children working hard. We are now at the half way point of the year and July will be here before we know it!
Please do all you can to ensure your child has the best chance of realising their potential this academic year by hearing them read every day, reading with them, reading to them; helping them learn phonics, spellings and maths facts.
They cannot do it on their own and we need you to continue their learning at home to secure the best success for them.

The website will continue to evolve although there won’t be many changes. We want it to be a great source of information for you, so you know as much about school as possible and what goes on when your child is here.
Do keep looking through the pages and see what you can find!

After half term we enter into the church’s season of LENT. Here’s a bit of information if you are not sure what this is all about.
In the Christian year Lent comes before, and helps us to prepare for, Easter.
Lent is a penitential (saying sorry / asking forgiveness) season. It is a time for spiritual growth and a time for doing good for others. Traditionally we give more time to prayer, fasting and almsgiving (eg: not having snacks and donating the money that would have been spent). This helps us to openly show we are saying ‘Yes’ to God’s will and ‘No’ to only thinking of ourselves in order to become better followers of Jesus. How perfect that we are focussing on the Virtue of Charity!
The season of Lent begins by remembering the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert.
As Lent ends spring begins bringing new life and warmth.
At church the colour used and worn by the priest is PURPLE. Purple symbolises repentance – saying sorry and asking for forgiveness.

Diary Dates
Mon 24th Feb    • School opens for Half Term 4!
Tues 25th Feb   • Shrove Tuesday (commonly known as Pancake Day!)
                          • The final preparation session for First Reconciliation takes place 6.30-7.30pm
Wed 26th Feb    • ASH WEDNESDAY MASS 2.15pm.
                           • Lent begins today and we do hope you will join us for Mass. At the end of Mass, ashes will be distributed.
Friday 28th Feb  • Celebration Assembly as usual at 2.50pm
                           • Bingo and School Dinner Night 7pm – 10pm. An evening of fun for parents/carers and their friends (and staff!) to come together without the children and enjoy a few games of bingo, a chat and nice                               food!

Have a wonderful, safe weekend everyone!

Mrs Hodges