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Marking Policy


The Nature of Marking

Marking children’s work enables us to assess its quality and content. It should be useful to both the teacher and to the children - allowing them to understand and motivate them to develop their learning. It is a means of encouraging all children regardless of their ability, enabling them to feel valued and not to be afraid of making mistakes. Through our marking we keep a record of each child’s progress.



-The focus of all marking is to provide effective feedback to the children as learners to drive improvement.

-It will relate to any LO set. A Learning Objective may be on-going from lesson to lesson.

-Staff will use the correct letter formation and cursive style when writing in children’s books to ensure good modelling


All work will be marked using one or more of the following:

-Work highlighted in green will indicate to the child where the Learning Objective has been met

-In Maths the correct answers will also be ticked

-Work highlighted in orange will indicate to the child where practice is needed but where effort is noted

-Any orange should be qualified by setting a target for next steps – STAFF MUST PLAN TIME FOR THESE!

-Comments made – those about standards of work must be made in a constructive way, i.e  advising them how they could do better – constructive and supportive of development

-The teacher may dictate a comment to the child, which the child records in their book

-For younger children pictorial stampers may be used / some comments as appropriate

-At times a V will indicate verbal comments have been given

-Whenever a TA had supported or advised a child on their work they will record this with TA in a circle


Wherever possible, work should be marked in the presence of the child

-If work is marked when the child is not present, time should be given for them to read the comments and their understanding checked

-Children will be encouraged to be pleased and celebrate when other children do well

-In class and elsewhere we will highlight the fact that pupils have produced good work and use these as success criteria

-Assessed work will be annotated with the standard achieved

-At times children may mark their own or others’ work

-Children in KS2 should record a traffic light self assessment at the end of every piece of literacy, maths or RE work

-In Reception and KS1 this self assessment will be verbal

-Work marked by supply teachers should be initialled


 Children’s good work and effort is also celebrated through a range of other strategies such as:

-          positive verbal feedback and praise from teacher / class

-          stickers or stamps on a piece of work / merit sheet

-          stickers/stars on star chart

-          work shown to other staff / parents


 Ratified by Governors on: