St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Love, learn and live in Christ!

Welcome back to all our children and families and a special welcome to the new children and staff who have joined us! The parents of our Year 6 leavers said...We are so glad we picked the right school...An excellent school. I do not hesitate to recommend it to any parent...An excellent foundation to build on....A fantastic approach to learning and life...Brilliant teachers and school who have touched our lives with the love they show our children. I think this academic year is going to be another fantastic one!


Our Year 6 children were invited to apply for the role of Chair and Vice Chair pf the Junior Leadership Team.

Mrs Hodges and Mrs Bonner shortlisted 6 candidates from the many applications received and interviews took place. As part of the interview process each candidate spoke to Mrs Brooman, one of our Governors, about an aspect of school life and then answered questions asked by Mrs Bonner and Mrs Hodges.

After a long discussion and the hard decision was made (because all the candidates were wonderful) the Chair and Vice Chair were chosen!

Here they are!

We know that they will lead the JLT very well indeed and make a positive impact on the life of our school. Their first job is to invite applications from Year 4 and 5 to fill the rest of the spaces on the JLT, so they will be learning shortlisting and interviewing skills!