St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Love, learn and live in Christ!

Welcome back to all our children and families and a special welcome to the new children and staff who have joined us! The parents of our Year 6 leavers said...We are so glad we picked the right school...An excellent school. I do not hesitate to recommend it to any parent...An excellent foundation to build on....A fantastic approach to learning and life...Brilliant teachers and school who have touched our lives with the love they show our children. I think this academic year is going to be another fantastic one!



Forthcoming Events   Thurs 19th Sept -Visit to Catalyst Science Museum   Weds 25th Sept - Parents Information Evening @7pm  Fri 27th Sept - MacMillan Coffee Morning  Thurs 3rd Oct - Eco Day (Fashion Show at 7pm)  Tues 22nd Oct - Harvest Festival @ 2.30pm  Thurs 24th Oct - School Closes for Half Term

Our Teacher is

Mrs Bonner

Our Teaching Assistant is

Mrs Brook

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Our Class Agreement

We shared our thoughts on what makes a great learner, teacher, classmate and lesson and the reasons why school is important. We then used these ideas to draw up our class agreement.

Morning Exercise

We begin every morning with a fun, fitness workout. Have a look at the kids zumba we have been enjoying!

We are learning about

Materials and their Properties

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We will carry out a range of investigations to help us learn about the many properties of a range of materials.


This half term we are developing our skills in

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Striking & Fielding 

Team Challenges

We had to use our teamwork skills to complete two challenges. The first was to build a pyramid of cups using only string attached to an elastic band and the second was to build the tallest structure from spaghetti that would support a marshmallow on top - the tallest structure was 43cm!

Our RE Topic is

'Gifts from God'

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We will consider the many great gifts God has given us through his creation and reflect on the important role that we have as stewards of the earth.

Absorption Investigation

We tested a variety of materials to find out which had the best level of absorption. Our results enabled us to conclude that kitchen roll and paper towels were the best for absorbing water.

Homework is set every Friday 

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Maths and English will be sent out alternately on a Friday.

We also ask that you spend some time each evening reading and practising spellings and learn its.

Leader In Me

This year we will continue to develop our leadership skills through our work on the 7 habits. We have created a Leader In Me tree in the classroom and we each created a design to represent ourselves on the tree.

Class Worship

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Each week we plan and lead a worship for the rest of the class. We gather together and spend some time listening to and reflecting on the Word of God.

Ukulele Lessons

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Each week we have a ukulele lesson with Mr Eady. As well as learning to play a range of songs we also learn many interesting facts about music.