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Hello Parents/Carers! Please remember, if you are a Key Worker and need emergency child care because you have been called to the frontline and there is no one else who can look after your child, then ring Mrs Naylor or Mrs Thompson to discuss the possibility of a place. We should only be your last resort. School is closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Thank you for the many uplifting emails I have received which I will be passing onto the staff! Please read my message in the left column below and keep checking this over the holidays as I will be tweaking it!



Today we begin our Easter break - a school holiday different to any we have had before!

The end of this term has come with big challenges and a situation none of us would ever have expected to find ourselves in.

Myself and Mrs Brook miss you enormously but what has made us feel better is seeing how well you have all coped.

Parents, you are doing an amazing job of home learning and filling your children's days with learning and love.

Children, we are so proud of your engagement, resilience and positive attitudes - we have loved seeing your photos!

Now we have come to the Easter holidays we would like you to recharge your batteries, have fun, eat chocolate and enjoy family time.

Thank you for all your support and hard work.

Keep safe and take care of yourselves and each other.

With love from Mrs Bonner & Mrs Brook

Happy Easter from us all here At EventShaper – EventShaper


Over the holidays keep an eye out on the page for some activities you might like to do and feel free to email me any photos or news that you have

31/3 - Please email me your answer to the maths (with working out), work on rivers and any of the drawings that you do today.

1/4 - Today I would like you to email me your maths challenge answer, the word that is worth the most from our spellings and your drawing of pizza Steve

2/4 - Please email your maths challenge answers (there should be 3) and a photo of your peacock 

3/4 - Please send me your popcorn drawings, your answers to the chocolate quiz and any photos of you sharing the Stations of the Cross

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I know how much you all enjoy our morning workout so whilst we can't do this together in class why not create your own account and do it at home

Here we are giving our thumbs up to let each other know we are safe and well.

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Maths 3.4.2020

Maths 2.4.2020

Let's have a go today at finding a fraction of an amount

Friday's Drawing Challenge

We are at the end of our second week learning home and many of you may spend some time at the weekend watching a movie or two, so let's draw a cheeky popcorn today.


Thursday's Drawing Challenge

Earlier this week Sam sent me a photo of the peacock he has told us about on his street. 

Click below to have a go at drawing your own peacock

Let's Draw!

Today we are going to recreate Pizza Steve - the cool pizza guy!

Click below for the link to learn how to draw him

Drawing Fun 31.3.2020

I have loved seeing the drawings that you have done so far. Today there are two options - feel free to have a go at both!


To draw a Lamborghini Huracan follow this link:


To draw a doughnut stack then follow the link below:

Sharing our talents !

If you have anything to share with us all send it to me via email!

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English 3.4.2020

Using the spellings from this week write a sentence for each of the words.

Word of the Day


7 Summit Antonyms. Full list of opposite words of summit.

English 2.4.2020

Using each of the 7 words from your spelling list create a pyramid for each one.

Eg: spelling









Word of the Day



More 100 Withdraw Antonyms. Full list of opposite words of withdraw.

Continue with writing your mystery story.

If you have finished read through carefully - do you need to correct anything could anything be improved?

Our Home Learning Gallery

Wellbeing Journal

During this time it is really important that we focus on our wellbeing so each day I will post something for your to reflect on. You can record your thoughts in a book of your own or in your jotter.

Stations of the Cross

 Today (3/4) we should have been leading the school in Stations of the Cross.

Spend some time with family and use the slides below to take the journey with Jesus to the cross. 

You can do this when ever you like - you may even want to wait until Good Friday.

There is a reflection and a prayer for each of the 14 stations.

Friday Fun!

Let's see how well you know your chocolate bars.

Can you identify each of the chocolate bars shown on the sheet below.

Send me your answers.

Geography 2.4.2020

 The next section of your Rivers project is 

The stages of a river

 Click below for information that will help you

Comprehension 1.4.2020

Today complete the complete the second comprehension in your booklet

A Trillion Tropical Leaves

Geography 31.3.2020

Today I would like you to complete the next section of your Rivers project.


Why are rivers important?



Use the link below for all the information you need.

Monday Meditation

Click on the link below to spend some quiet time where you are taken on a journey to your secret tree house.

Afterwards draw a picture of what your tree house looks like.

Here are our tree houses