St Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy

Love, learn and live in Christ!

OPEN AFTERNOON MONDAY 8TH NOVEMBER 1.30PM. If you are interested in applying for a place for your child in our Reception Class for September 2022 please come along! We would love to tell you about our school and why being part of our family is such a special place to be! Mrs Hodges Headteacher



Mrs Hartley and Mrs Eland are our Class Teachers and Miss Eames is our Teaching Assistant!

Homework will be uploaded onto the webpage each Friday evening at the latest, children are expected to hand in their homework by the following Wednesday

Homework 14.10.21

Complete the train time word problems. You've worked really well in class on reading bus timetables, so let's see how well you get on with these questions independently! There are also extra challenge


6.10.21 - Metaphors and Similes

Write out each sentence into your book using your imagination to complete each simile or metaphor. Remember a metaphor says something is or was something else and a simile compares something to something else using words such as 'like' or 'as'. 

Please do not print out sheets to work out, please do write the sentences in your book. 


Each Monday, we will put on the webpage, the spellings we are learning that week.  Do make sure you practise them at home, make sure you understand what they mean and try hard to slot them into conversation where possible.  There will be a spelling test every Friday. 

Week commencing 18.10.21

Homophones and near homophones.

farther                             herd

father                               led

guessed                            lead

guest                                mourning

heard                                morning


Parents Information Evening

If you were unable to attend, please see the powerpoint below with what was discussed. 

2020 — Run the Virtues 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run — Race Roster — Registration,  Marketing, Fundraising


 We are concentrating on the virtue of Thankfulness. We will talk about how to appreciate ourselves and all that we have. 

First Day

What a brilliant first day we shared together in school. We did lots of team building tasks and had to use some of our Leader in Me habits to help us succeed. We are all looking forward to sharing a fantastic year together!

Our Class Anthem - The Blue Danube 

Click below to listen to our jaw dropping Class Anthem. We are proud to have such a wonderful piece of music representing our class. Can you find out a fact about Johann Strauss, the composer? 

Shelter | nfpSynergy

Shelter is our class charity. We will be participating and planning a lot of fundraising activities!

Ancient Egyptians

Over the next few weeks Y5 will be learning all about life in Ancient Egypt. They find out about the structure of society at that time and know that pharaohs ruled over Ancient Egypt. They will find out about the Valley of the Kings being a royal burial ground and learn that it was Howard Carter who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. They are already loving this topic so hopefully they will tell you all about it at home too!

Egyptian Workshop

Y5 had such a fantastic time learning all about the afterlife Ancient Egyptians believed in.  They prepared a body for burial, putting certain organs in canopic jars, drying it out with salt and wrapping it up. They all took part in a funeral procession, lead by the priest. Then their final act was to weigh the heart to see if it would gain access into the afterlife. Have a look at the pictures below to see how they got on. 

Our first RE topic is Creation

Ark Encounter Days of Creation Puzzle (Gift) | Answers in Genesis

This is a lovely topic where we will be learning in detail all about how God created the world. We'll then prepare and perform drama activities around the story of Adam and Eve and learn about how we can build up our world to be a beautiful and great place. 


Genesis            St Francis       Co-Creator

 St Vincent de Paul        Stewards       Adam and Eve



Our focus in PE up until the October half term is


Please make sure you have your PE kit and trainers in school at all times.