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Love, learn and live in Christ!

Well we did not get off to the best start to the Spring Term did we! I know it is frustrating for you. We share that frustration but we know that the lockdown is to increase our levels of safety. We can persevere! Stay strong team St Joe's! You can contact your child's teacher via the email at the top of the class webpage or ring the office if you cannot email. If you need me I am here for you too so get in touch by email to We miss the children already and look forward to being together with them again. Keeping you all in my prayers and thoughts. Mrs Hodges


Welcome to Year 3!

Mrs Dennison is our Class Teacher.

Mrs Tolan and Mrs Connolly are our Teaching Assistants. Mrs Esgate will work with us for a few afternoons too!

E.mail :

During Lockdown: Please email just ONCE a day to let us know how you are getting on and to send in completed work. Please prioritise Maths and Literacy – and encourage your child to do their best work and remind them that they are the leader of their own learning. Reading for 20 mins or so each day will make a huge difference too.  Keep strong and keep smiling. Mrs Dennison

Today's work for Tuesday 19th January: Maths, English, Spellings (check Tuesdays activity in the box with this weeks words), RE and computing.

Foundation subjects to be completed one day this week: Geography, Art, French, Computing, RE, Virtues,  Mindfulness and Leader in Me.

Challenge for this week - Continued from last week

Thank You all for keeping in touch and for doing your best in these stressful times, we understand the difficulties you are facing and we will do our utmost to support you. Please get in touch if there is anything we can assist with.

Purple Mash News: For this week children may access any of the games on there. I intend to research the site further and add specific themes hopefully during next week. The Dance Mat for computing is also available to aid touch typing skills and TTR Rockstars are also beneficial to turn to whilst we are having to learn remotely.  As you will have seen with this week's maths, the more Times Tables that they know off by heart, the easier and faster they can complete their number work. 

P.E. Joe Wicks is restarting his online P.E. sessions again from Monday 11th January, he will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9am until 9.20am you will find the work outs on his YouTube channel 

There are some fab photos on here of you all having fun in the snow. There are some great models made as well.

Geography 18.1.21 

Watch the video from the link above about maps then try the quiz that's underneath it.

Handy ways to remember the compass points in order, clockwise from North- North, East, South, West

Never Eat Shredded Wheat

Naught Elephants Squirt Water

Can you create one of your own using words that start N, E, S, W?

Your Activity: Imagine what Hamelin (the town from our book The Pied Piper of Hamelin) looks like.

Draw a made up map of the town and add these features:

A river

A bridge

Some houses

Some trees

Don't forget to draw your compass points in one corner of your map.

Remember- You are drawing this from the air as you would see it if you were looking down on it (birdseye view)


 19.1.21    Jesus is lost in the Temple 

Watch the short video clip and answer the following questions.

  1. What question did Mary ask Jesus?
  2. Why did his reply puzzle them?
  3. What do you think he meant?
  4. Mary and Joseph must have trusted God to keep Jesus safe until he was found. Write a prayer that Mary might have said while they were looking for him.



This short video clip fits in with our current virtue of faith and faithfulness. 

Watch the Parable of the Mustard Seed and reflect on it.

Mindfulness Meditation 18.1.21 

After watching this, you can either colour in a printed picture or draw one of your own to help you relax.

Some of your amazing art work!


Watch this short clip of numbers from 1-10 

Now see if you can write the numbers 1 to 10 in English on post it notes, (or small pieces of paper). Mix them up so they are no longer in order - then turn one over, can you say that number in French? If you think you can write it, do so. Go through all the numbers and see which ones you don't know yet.  Try and learn them for next week.


18.1.21 Dividing with remainders

Watch the video and then try the word problems on the PowerPoint. 

Times Table Rockstars

Times Table Rock Stars! I have added more tables for your children to try and improve their previous scores.

Challenge for this week 

 We had lots of different  photos covering a wide range of  challenges. If you have not sent one yet, these may give you an idea to do next week. We had a recipe for making Tandoori pancakes, pizza, and Grenola Flapjacks and a Triceratops being created, as well as a bird feeder.  Box  splits, Shoe lace tying, Tie-dying and Chess were also featured. Plus reading to younger siblings.

Send me a photo of you performing a skill and a sentence about what it is.

Computing 19.1.21

This week I would like you to continue working on your typing skills. Attached is a link for an interactive game that teaches you how to use both hands to be able to type quickly and efficiently.  It will talk to you so mum or dad might appreciate the use of headphones for this one!

Disclaimer- unfortunately this won't work on all mobile devices as it requires a keyboard so ideally needs to be done on a desktop computer or a laptop. (Don't panic if you don't have access to one this will be an on going skill we will continue to rehearse once back in school.) 

 If you didn't get chance to try the coding activity last week try it today!

Don't panic if you haven't got access to a computer or laptop with a keyboard. Have a go at creating your own computer game by designing your own computer programme. Watch the video then choose a character to make them dance! 

Leader in me!

We are working on the third habit -  Put first things first. See if your child can remember the action to accompany this habit. 

Watch this week: beginning 11th January  

Put first things first.

Can you draw/or write about a time you actually put this into practice during lockdown?

Only two people so far have sent in a contribution for this, so well done Edward and Mia.


Spellings week beginning 18th Jan

Tuesday - look up the definitions of these words











19.1.21 Writing in role

18.1.21    The Pied Piper

Watch the next part of the Pied Piper below and then answer these questions. Remember to use full sentences with correct punctuation please!

  1. When did the Pied Piper stop playing his flute?
  2. What were people able to do again, now that the music had stopped?
  3. How did people show that they were pleased to be rid of the rats?
  4. What did the Pied Piper advise the Mayor to get rid of, to ensure that the rats never returned?
  5. What happened when the Pied Piper asked for his payment of one gold coin?
  6. What did the Pied Piper do to stop the dogs from attacking him?
  7. Why did the grown-ups not follow their children?
  8. Where do you think the Pied Piper was leading the children?


 If you have finished your reading book, you can log in to free ebooks on the Oxford Owl website.

Alternatively you can read your own books.