St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Love, learn and live in Christ!

We are now into our last half term of the school year! How time flies...! Look out on the calendar for all the events coming up over the next 6 1/2 weeks!


Welcome to Year 2!

                   The staff in Year 2:-

                    Mrs Slack - Class Teacher 
        Mrs Bedford - Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning

        Mrs Michaels is our Teaching Assistant

Our topic for this half term is

The birth of the Church

We will learn that when the apostles received the Holy Spirit they spread the Good News. We will reflect on how they can spread the Good News. We will learn about the early Christian community and understand that the Christian community continues today to live by Baptism, the Eucharist and its mission to love God by loving our neighbour

At Home

Y2 re-enacted the Last Supper as part of our R.E. curriculum and in preparation for Easter.

Our Class Charity

Our class charity is the local RSPCA animal centre in Halifax.  We are collecting coins and have a  book bring and buy sale in class. 

We raised £46.20 with  our Christmas sweet hamper raffle! 


In the Spring term we had a spots and stripes day/Easter egg raffle and a guess the eggs in the jar.  We raised £50!

 Thank you for your support.

We had a lovely visit from Lauren from the RSPCA in Halifax.  She told us all about the important work the centre does for animals in the local area.

Year 2 had visit from Becky who is a RSPCA inspector. She told us all about her job and the different tools she has to use to rescue animals.

Watch out for Becky on channel 4 next month on Animal Rescue School!

Three children went with Mr Poole and Mrs Michaels to take our fundraising money to the RSPCA in Halifax.  The money will be spent on medication and food for the animals. Thank you for all your support!

We have been using Pointillism to paint pictures of an apple.

Y2 used their knowledge and skills about Pointillism to paint beautiful pictures of poppies for Remembrance Day.  We also made poppies to add to our  school's Remembrance display,

Year 2 had a great day being pirates!  We had a visit from a real pirate and found out all about what life was like long ago at sea.

Our theme for this half term is .....

Y2 had a great science lesson where they investigated the parts of a plant and the function each part performed so the plant could live.

The Spring term …

Y2 Medieval Dressing Up Day.

Y2 had a fabulous day dressing up and learning about medieval times. We had sword contests and bow and arrow competitions. The children found out all about becoming a knight and designed their own 'coat of arms'.

Have a look at our medieval costumes.

Can you guess who we are dressed up as?

Year 2 had a great day at Conisbrough Castle.  We found out about what life was like over 850 years ago. Some of us even had a chance to dress up!

After our visit to Conisbrough Castle we tried writing with a quill feather and ink. We thought it was great fun but would be very hard to use all the time in school for writing.

What are things made from!

We will be finding out about what different things are made from and why.  We will looking at the materials used in a castle.

Science - investigating the properties of different materials.

Materials -  We were set a challenge - we had to build a bridge out of newspaper, no scissors or joining materials and the bridge had to be strong enough to hold 3 lego blocks. What techniques could we use? How could we make the bridge stronger?

We enjoyed our visit from the chicks. We held them and asked questions about how Year 5 look after them.

We made christingles in preparing for our Christingle liturgy.

Look at our wonderful World Book Day potatoes!   Our class winner was the Gingerbread Man

Year 2 had road safety training with people from Calderdale Council. They found out about safe places to cross roads. Can they tell you any thing about it?

Year 2 had a great week! First Aid training and then a special visitor!  Check out the pictures to see who it was..


17th July - Party day

18th July- end of term

 P.E is on a FRIDAY!

 Please ensure your correct P.E. kit is in school.

Homework will be given out every week on a Tuesday to be completed by the following Monday.

Image result for pencil

Key words spellings will be given out every Wednesday for a test the following Wednesday.

Image result for spelling

Spelling rules will be taught each day.  Your child will bring home a spelling log  with words that they have found difficult. Please work with your child to help them learn the words, tick each time they get them correct and sign the book each week.

We are continuing on our 7 Habits journey.  So far we have focused on....

Habit 1 - Be Proactive

Habit 2 - Begin with the end in mind

Habit 3 - Put 1st things 1st

Habit 4 - Think Win/Win

Habit 5 -Seek first to understand, then to be understood

Coming soon...

Habit 6 - Synergize

Habit 7 -Sharpen the saw

I hope your child is sharing what they have learnt so far and that you are seeing them using the habits at home!

We are also making deposits in our class emotional bank account.  We do this by saying and doing kind things to each other.  Ask your child about the deposits they have made.



This action is for Begin with end in mind. Can your child show you all the different actions for the 7 Habits! 

The Autumn term....

Year 2 had a great time baking  a special Christmas surprise.  Look at the pictures to see if you can guess what they made!

We did Christmas crafts with our parents and carers. 

We investigated and tasted lots of different and exotic fruits. 

As part of our Science work we went on a visit to Ponderosa in Heckmondwike.. 

We investigated the local area as part of our theme.