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Love, learn and live in Christ!

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. We extend a warm welcome to you and hope you enjoy looking round. School opens for our children on Monday 6th September and we cannot wait to see everyone! We have a few Nursery and Reception places still available so if you would like to know more please contact us by email or alternatively ring the school office on 01484 713037 to chat to Mrs Thompson or Mrs Sutcliffe who will give you advice and support. I hope to see you soon! Mrs Hodges


Welcome to the Year 2 Learning Page!

Mrs Slack is our Class Teacher and Mrs Michaels is our Teaching Assistant.

Mrs McVeigh will be teaching you on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons





Our focus for this half term is Chosen People

We will learn that we are chosen by God and learn that God chose certain people to lead and guide his people. We will learn that God called Abraham and that God chose Moses to be a great leader. We will also learn about how Samuel responded to God’s call and find out about the story of Daniel in the lions’ den.

We will have an opportunity to reflect on Abraham’s trust in God and learn that we should always trust God.

We will learn that God chooses unexpected people and will be given the opportunity to reflect on their own response to God’s call.


At Home

You could help your child by:

Reading the stories of Abraham, Moses and Samuel with your child


Our new virtues we are working on are 

Respect and Courtesy . 

You show respect and courtesy when:

  • I respect myself and know I deserve respect from others
  • I treat everyone how I would like to be treated
  • I use good manners
  • I respect and follow school and classroom rules
  • I speak politely to everyone
  • I listen to others
  • I praise others for their good conduct
  • I respect and look after my own and other people's belongings

Leader in me!

We are working on the first habit- Be proactive .  Look for opportunities to listen carefully to others today.

Our Class Mission Statement

In Year 2 ….


  • We listen to each other
  • We are kind, share and think about others. We work for win –win
  • We sit ready to learn and we are proactive
  • We put our hands up and wait our turn
  • We work hard and try our best in everything
  • We tell the truth and say sorry
  • We help each other and keep our classroom tidy

Our Class Charity

Our class charity for Year 2 is the RSPCA. Watch out for fun raising fun!


This half term our focus will be..

We will learn

  • that animals, including humans, have babies that grow into adults
  • describe what animals, including humans, need to stay alive
  • describe why we need to exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food, and keeping clean



This term with Mrs McVeigh you will be learning about the the four countries of the UK

Star of the Week

Our stars of the week for this week  are  .....


Our student's student

for the half term is ...

Who will our student's student be this half term?

Our Class Music!

Each year group has been given a piece of classical music. Year 2 we have - Eine Kleine Nachtmusic – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

 Look at our class piece of music showing the pitch of the notes and how long they last.


  • Snack provided £1 per week -
  • Bring pumps/PE kit and drink bottle



Homework goes out every Monday to be returned by following Monday

27th September

(To be completed by the 4th October)

This week in for your English homework I would like you to write a description of a monster.


20th September

(To be completed and returned by the 27th)

This week in Maths we have been working on Place Value.

Sheet (click edit page on top when printing)


Spellings will introduced on  a Monday for a test the following Monday. We work on spellings in class all week. Please help your child to learn them at home too!


20th September 

Focusing on the 'r' sound spelt wr

write               wrist

written           wreck 

wrote             wrestle

wrong           wriggle

wrap              wren

said               does  (key words)

(These words will be tested on the 27th)

27th September 

Focusing on the 's' sound spelt with a 'c'

race                face

ice                  space

cell                bicycle

city                circle

fancy             spicy

(These words will be tested on the 4th October)

Phonics Assessment

Year 2 will be taking their Year 1 phonics assessment this term.  It would really benefit your child if they practised by playing the phonic games and using their phonics to read the words.


Interactive games

Read the real and alien words


Our PE day is on Friday. 

This term we are focusing on Multiskills.

Please make sure you have a PE kit and pumps in school!


We have lots of lovely  reading books in school. 

Please try to listen to your child read a few pages every night. 

Every little helps!

Your child has brought home a library book that they have chosen.  They can choose a new book each week but they must return their book first! 

Our class library is open every Friday. Remember to return your book so you can pick a new one!