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Love, learn and live in Christ!

Well we did not get off to the best start to the Spring Term did we! I know it is frustrating for you. We share that frustration but we know that the lockdown is to increase our levels of safety. We can persevere! Stay strong team St Joe's! You can contact your child's teacher via the email at the top of the class webpage or ring the office if you cannot email. If you need me I am here for you too so get in touch by email to We miss the children already and look forward to being together with them again. Keeping you all in my prayers and thoughts. Mrs Hodges


Welcome to the Year 2 Learning Page!

Mrs Slack is our Class Teacher and Mrs Michaels is our Teaching Assistant.

Mrs McVeigh will be teaching you on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

Mrs Midgley will be working with us some mornings too!



Email: (for RE and Geography work)


 Friday 22nd - Please send me your English, your Maths task  (challenges if you do them) and your picture.


Complete one of the comprehension exercise, spelling test and remember it is your PE day so do one of the dances.  Have fun!

Thursday 21st - Please send me your English and your Maths task (challenges  if you do them). Mrs McVeigh would like a picture of your compass

Wednesday 20th - Please send me your English and your Maths task. Please send a picture of you with  the book you are reading for the page too! ( Complete the ICT tasks on Purple Mash and practise your spellings)

Tuesday 19th - Please send me your English, your Maths task and your RE to Mrs McVeigh.                   

                       Complete the Music task too 

Monday 18th -  Please send me your English task and your Maths pictures/ list and complete the ICT tasks on Purple Mash


Tuesday 19th 

Today in RE we are looking at the story of Jesus and his first disciples

 Mrs McVeigh would like you to

Think about how Simon Peter and Andrew would be feeling about leaving their families and following Jesus.

Draw a large fish and write down all the words you can think of to describe their feelings.

Big Maths

We can still practise our Big Maths skills! The tests for this week.

17 test

40 test

Our Class Mission Statement

In Year 2 ….

  • We listen to each other
  • We share and think about others. We work for win –win
  • We sit ready to learn and we are proactive
  • We put our hands up and wait our turn
  • We tell the truth and say sorry

Share your news!

Have you got any news you would like to share with your friends this week?


James has been very busy build this Lego model of Kevin.


Have you got any news to share?

Can't have enough of laughter emojis, say Mumbaikars - Times of IndiaA joke to share

Mia's got a joke!

Why did the one handed man cross the road?
Because he wanted to get to the second hand shop


Will has another joke!

Knock knock
Who’s there
Dishes who
.....dishes the police, open up!

Billy has got 2 jokes to share!

Knock knock!
Who’s there ?
Cows go.
Cows go, who?
Cows go moo!

What did one maths book say to the other!

I’ve got so many problems! 


Do you have a joke for your friends?

Out and about!

Lots of you will be getting out for a walk. Share a photo with your friends.


Friday 22nd

Today you are going to write a letter

Thursday 21st

Today I want you to think about William's feelings in the story

Wednesday 20th

 Read the story again and write a description of either the bear or William. (Remember to use punctuation and adjectives!)

Tuesday 19th

Today I want you to write about your favourite part of the story and why you like it.

Monday 18th 

Today we start a new story

The bear under the stairs

Punctuation activity


Friday 22nd - Monster Surprise

Complete one set of questions

Remember * is the easiest ***is the hardest         


Thursday 21st

Today in Geography Mrs McVeigh would like you to make a compass!


Wednesday 20th

Today we are continuing our work on touch typing using Purple Mash

We are working today on our right hand keys. The tasks are set as 2Do

 These exercises are just to help the children learn where the keys are on the keyboard not to be confident touch typing!

Monday 18th

Today we are going to work on our touch typing using Purple Mash


We are working on our left hand keys. The tasks are set as 2Do.


Tuesday 19th

Today we are going to be singing using different voices and thinking about the pulse.

Have fun!

Check out Chiara's video!


Friday is our normal PE day.

This half term our focus is dance. Each week pick a dance to do! It would be great to see a photograph of you in action!


 George and Chiara investigating materials!

Our Student's student for this half term is...


We are working on developing the virtue of hope. WE CAN ONLY HOPE WE ARE BACK TOGETHER SOON!

Our Class Music!

Each year group has been given a piece of classical music. Year 2 we have - Eine Kleine Nachtmusic – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Leader in me!

We are working on the second habit- Put first things first.  How can you put first things first in your day today?


Friday 22nd 

Sorting 2D shapes

Task                              Challenges

Thursday 21st

Line of symmetry

Task                        Challenges

Wednesday 20th

Draw the shapes

Task                 Challenges

Squared paper

Tuesday 19th

Count the sides and vertices

Task                        Challenges

Monday 18th

Shape hunt                  Challenges

Send in your pictures!


Spellings are introduced on Monday. Please encourage your child to learn the words in their spelling book

Our spellings for 18/1/21

Adding ing, ed, er, est and y to words ending in e with a consonant before it.

hiking               shiny

hiked              being

hiker              shining

nicer             scary

nicest           scaring

Practise writing the words

Friday 22nd - Test - How well did you do?

Thursday  21st - Handwriting

Wednesday 20th- Wordsearch

Friday Fun! (22nd)

Find out- How to draw Winnie the Pooh


Please listen to your child read as much as possible. It really makes a difference.  Please contact me if you need help with this.

Each week there will be story to read

A new story book to read 

Let me know if you like the story.

What you would like next week's story to be about?

Look at the books we are reading!

School at home!

You are all working so hard at home.  It is lovely to see how proud you are of your wonderful work. Send in a picture to add to our page! 

Fun in the snow!

Our Class Charity

Our class charity for Year 2 is the RSPCA. Watch out for fun raising fun!

 Thank you so much! Our own clothes day raised £66.20!

Our Christmas raffle raised £74.50

Our total so far is £140.70