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Love, learn and live in Christ!

Hello Parents/Carers! Please remember, if you are a Key Worker and need emergency child care because you have been called to the frontline and there is no one else who can look after your child, then ring Mrs Naylor or Mrs Thompson to discuss the possibility of a place. We should only be your last resort. School is closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Thank you for the many uplifting emails I have received which I will be passing onto the staff! Please read my message in the left column below and keep checking this over the holidays as I will be tweaking it!


Welcome to Y1

While school is currently closed it is important to continue your learning at home. Read below for your daily timetable.

We wish you and your families a Happy Holy Easter.

We are sure you will find time to go on an Easter egg Hunt as the weather improves.

Stay safe and enjoy some family time together.

Missing you! Mrs Dennison and Mrs Heyhoe

Parents - If you have any questions you can email me at   

Easter Projects

Using the pictures opposite retell the Easter Story and draw your own pictures.


Learn about the Queen's coronation and about the Royal Family.

Watch the video below

 Can you make a fact file about it? Who is next in line to the throne?

 Words to learn








Before you work on any spellings sing though the phonics songs first. Then:

  1. Work in one set at a time starting with the red. 
  2. Take a week to learn the spellings in each set.
  3. Choose a few words to focus on - do not attempt them all in one go unless your child knows them (keep going over them if they do!)
  4. Read the words first - talk abut each one - do they know what it means? Can they say the word in a sentence? Model it for them
  5. Look at the words that rhyme - this will help you child learn them in groups
  6. How to learn to spell a word:Look at itSay itCover it upWrite itCheck it
  7. Once your child can spell a few words let them have a go at writing each one in a sentence. Say the sentence first to ensure it makes sense and help them if it doesn't. Then let them write it - watch out for correct letter formation as they do!


I            the         he         she         me          we        be

was     to     do     of


are            all           you            your
come          some         said       

here        there 


go           no          so    


my                 by               one          only

old           like          have           live           give          little        down

what     when        why     where      which


who   (silent w)


any                   many                  more

before                other                  were                   because

     want               saw           put      


could              should              would

right                goes               does              made                their

two              four 

Thank you for all the gorgeous teddy bears and the wonderful stories of 'We re going on a bear hunt.' You continue to amaze me.

Thank you all for your  excellent work on reptiles and your stories too. I love looking at them all.

You have done some brilliant work about frogs today. Well done! I am so impressed.  Can you see yours?

We have been working on letter formation. Look at how beautiful our work is!


Today's drawing task was Gregosaurus and what an amazing group of dinosaurs we have. I think if I met Greg I would not be scared at all! Well done everyone!

In Year 1 the children need to be able to recognise and name some garden and wild flowers. Learn the names of these flowers over the next 2 weeks.

When you look outside can you see any of these flowers?

How would you describe them?

Which flower is which?

Daffodil        Poppy        Rose             Snowdrop       Tulip             

Well we have another batch of amazing pictures you have drawn with your artistic talent! Introducing.....OLAF!

I am amazed at your fantastic drawing talents Year 1! I have loved looking at your dolphin pictures. See if you can spot yours and look out for tomorrows drawing challenge!

Here are some of the wonderful pictures you have sent so far! What great artists you are. Keep them coming!

Here we are with a thumbs up and a smile to let each other know we are safe and well!

Kendall and Jake Fitzgibbon sent in this lovely rainbow that they made at home.


Learning for Wednesday 1st April

We want you to think about the Easter story. Can you look at the pictures from the Easter story and write your own sentence to go with each picture?

Think about how each person felt. Why do they feel that way?


Don't forget to read every day at home with an adult!

Image result for love reading


What books do you have at home that you love to read? 


When it is fresh air time here are some of the things that you can do...

  • if you have a drive way or safe space to ride then go on your bike or scooter
  • if you have an outdoor space then play in the garden
  • if you don't have a garden then sit on the door step and draw, read a book, listen to some music
  • throw and catch a ball - if you don't have a ball then roll up a pair of socks! If you are using socks you might be able to do this inside if the weather is not good and you can't go out. Find a safe space to throw them and then:
    - throw them up in the air and catch them-how many times can you do it without dropping them? Can your throw them up - clap once and then catch them? Can you clap twice?