St Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy

Love, learn and live in Christ!

Welcome to our school website as we journey through our Spring term! We hope you enjoy browsing! You will find lots of information on here about the things we get up to in school as well as other important information. Have a lovely day! Mrs Hodges


Mrs Stewart is our Class Teacher and Mrs Midgley is our Teaching Assistant


This week we have been learning that we can make the long vowels sounds using the split digraphs.

This week we have learned these spelling patters:

i-e and o-e

Can you read the words on the powerpoints below and decide whether they are real or alien words?

This week for working so hard together as a team we earned our class treat. We voted to decide what we wanted to do and chose the KS2 Slides!

Class Mission Statement

We have already thought about what makes us a super class and what we want to achieve this year together. Have a look at our mission statement below:

Families and Celebrations

The Christian family … can and should be called a domestic church. It is a community of faith, hope and charity

The children will learn:

  • what it means to be a member of a family.
  • what it means to be a member of the school community. 
  • what it means to belong to the Church family.

They will hear how Jesus’ family took him to the Temple and think about why this was a special occasion. They will learn about some of the celebrations in the Church and why we celebrate these occasions.

At home

You could help your children by:

  • discussing the importance of celebrations in our lives
  • talking to your child about their baptism

Our Class Charity

In Year 1 we support the great work that Guide Dogs for the Blind do. We will be organising some fundraising throughout the year.

Our School Mission

 God asks us to

be the best version of ourselves.


God asks us to

try our best and keep everyone learning.


God asks us to

keep ourselves and others healthy and safe.


God asks us to

accept everyone.


God asks us to

look after others and the world around us.


Let us

Love, Learn and Live in Christ!

We have just finished reading 'The Deep Dark Wood' by Algy Craig Hall and Ali Pye. We learned about the different word types nouns, adjectives and verbs. Then we wrote a character description of our own beastly creature. Perhaps you can tell someone at home about yours?

If you are unsure of the story listen to the link below:

Each week we choose someone who is working above and beyond what we expect in Year 1 and we crown them 'Star of the Week'. 

This week congratulations to ...


Important Information for Year 1:

Long Term Plan: Here

P.E Day: Thursday

Reading Books: Please keep in book bags at all times. Read daily and comment and they will be changed weekly.

Snack Money: £1 to be paid weekly.

We are back on the glockenspiels! This time we worked in groups to play two different tunes at the same time.

What an awesome orchestra!

Our P.E day is Thursday.

In Computing we are learning all about laptops. Here we are learning how to use a touch pad to move our cursor while playing fun games.

Following our spelling test we will revise the following sounds for a test on:

Wednesday 28th January


This week we have been learning all the number sentences we can from a part whole model. We call these fact families and their are 8 to find for each number sentence. Practise your skills in this interactive game:

Choose the 'Up to 10' option

We have begun our new art topic by drawing different  lines. We drew different lines in our books using pencils and then experimented on the playground with chalk.

Our Class Composer

Our class composer is Antonio Vivaldi. He was an Italian composer most famous for composing the 'Four Seasons'.


Click the video below to hear Vivadi's Winter season and move along to the music.

We have been busy thinking about how we can be the best that we can be. We have made a class tree with each of us as an individual leaf. We have also thought about what is out of our control and what we can can control. We have also chosen our first leadership roles.

This half term we are focusing on the virtue of


I have Faith when

I know God loves me and I trust God to take care of me.

I ask God to guide me in my life.

I spend time with God in moments of quiet and in prayer.

I share my beliefs in God with others.

My words and actions show my faith in God’s love