St Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy

Love, learn and live in Christ!

Welcome to our academy website! We hope you enjoy browsing! You will find lots of information on here about the things we get up to in school as well as other important information. We are looking forward to journeying together through the final half term of the school year. Time flies when you are having fun! We still have some places available in our After School Club. If you are interested please give our office a call on 01484 713037. Mrs Hodges


Mrs Stewart is our Class Teacher and Mrs Midgley is our Teaching Assistant


Now we have learned all the sounds for Year 1. Can you use your phonics to read and write the numbers to 10 and the days of the week?

We filled our class jar full of golden bubbles this week and choose to have a special treat on the KS2 slides!

Class Mission Statement

We have already thought about what makes us a super class and what we want to achieve this year together. Have a look at our mission statement below:

Our Class Charity

What a super Doggy Day we had!

Have a look at our photographs below to show you all the fun activities we took part in. Thank you so much for your generous  donations. We raised £66!

Thank you for all our generous donations we have raised: 


In Computing this term we are learning how to programme animation using the ScratchJr app.


You can download it for free to practise at home here:

To celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee we held a party in school. We made crowns, decorated biscuits, decorated Union Jacks and even got to meet Her Royal Highness herself!

Our School Mission

 God asks us to

be the best version of ourselves.


God asks us to

try our best and keep everyone learning.


God asks us to

keep ourselves and others healthy and safe.


God asks us to

accept everyone.


God asks us to

look after others and the world around us.


Let us

Love, Learn and Live in Christ!

Each week we choose someone who is working above and beyond what we expect in Year 1 and we crown them 'Star of the Week'. 

This week congratulations to ...



“The signs worked by Jesus attest that the Father has sent him. They invite belief in him. To those who turn to him in faith, he grants what they ask. So miracles strengthen faith in the One who does his Father’s works; they bear witness that he is the Son of God.”

The children will hear some stories from the gospels which tell of Jesus using his God-given power to show his love and compassion. They will hear the story of the Calming of the Storm and know that we can ask Jesus to help us when we are afraid. They will learn that Jesus showed his love for sick people when he cured a man who was paralysed and know that Jesus has great love for people who are sick today. They will learn that Jesus responded to the faith of the blind man with compassion and think of ways that we can trust Jesus in situations of need.

At home

You could help your child by:                                               

  • reading the story of the Calming of the Storm or other miracle stories from the New Testament
  • talking to them about how we can ask Jesus, through our prayers, to help us.

Important Information for Year 1:

Long Term Plan: Here

P.E Day: Thursday

Reading Books: Please keep in book bags at all times. Read daily and comment and they will be changed weekly.

Snack Money: £1 to be paid weekly.

Our P.E day is Thursday.

This half term we are focusing on the virtue of


This week we got our new class pets. Five little caterpillars! We cannot wait to watch them grow...

This week we are learning the different spelling patterns for ow/ou using Brown Owl. Please practise the spellings of the six words below for a test on:

Wednesday 29th June


We have been practising our subtraction skills in Arithmetic this week. Why not practise your subtracting skills by playing the online game below:

Choose Number Bonds - Subtraction within 20

We have been busy learning to measure length, height, capacity and volume:

We have begun our new art topic 'Painting' and we have been experimenting with different painting techniques and mixing colours. Can you tell your grown up which are the primary and secondary colours we have been using?

Our Class Composer

Our class composer is Antonio Vivaldi. He was an Italian composer most famous for composing the 'Four Seasons'.


Click the video below to hear Vivaldi's Summer season and move along to the music.

We have been busy thinking about how we can be the best that we can be. We have made a class tree with each of us as an individual leaf. We have also thought about what is out of our control and what we can can control. We have also chosen our first leadership roles.