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OPEN AFTERNOON MONDAY 8TH NOVEMBER 1.30PM. If you are interested in applying for a place for your child in our Reception Class for September 2022 please come along! We would love to tell you about our school and why being part of our family is such a special place to be! Mrs Hodges Headteacher


Welcome to our Reception Class Page!

Miss Vogel is our Class Teacher and Mrs Esgate and Mrs Midgley are Reception's teaching assistants.

Mrs Howgate will be teaching Reception on Thursday afternoons

You can contact me on: 

For School events check the School Calendar:

Uniform information:

*This week: We are working really hard to hold a pencil correctly and to put on out coats and jumpers by ourselves. Please try this at home.


Harvest Festival Tuesday 19th October 2.30pm

Teddy Bears Picnic Tuesday 19th October 3.30pm-5pm

Celebration Assembly is every Friday 2.50pm (Unless notified on the school calendar). Parents are welcome! I will text you on Thursday if your child is going to be star of the week. 

-Please could you label all of your child's uniform

-Make sure they have a water bottle in school (we will send it home every Friday to be cleaned)

-Please could you pay £1 a week for snack

Thank you!

We are Reception!

Our Class Mission Statement

We will always be kind and helpful.

We will always think about other people, share and listen.

We will always try our hardest.

We will be good leaders!

Our Topic: Why do you love me?

This half term we will be learning about ourselves and others. We will be learning: 

  • about caring for ourselves and others
  • emotions and feelings
  • what makes us special and unique 
  • the role of family and carers
  • growing 
  • the 5 senses

The Secrets to Happy Children | Angelibebe


Our focus this half term: Phase 2 phonics 

We will be learning 4 sounds a week.

If your child is finding a sound tricky look at books with the sound in or play some games e.g Bingo, Snap.

You can search the sound and Geraldine the Giraffe on YouTube for phonics lessons.

Phase 2 Sounds

Phase 2 | Porcupines' Class Blog


Our Focus this half term: 

  • Counting numbers to 5 
  • comparing numbers to 5
  • Adding and taking away up to 5


Maths Games:

Key Vocabulary: Comparing, adding, altogether, subtracting, equals, more than, less than, 

We loved our Rainbow Challenge day!

Thank you so much!!

Our week in Reception

We drew our own self portraits! 

We learnt about the artist Alma Woodsy Thomas. We looked at her patterns and made our own painting.

The Reception class learn from focused activities (around 20 minutes) and then they get to play in the learning environment.

Our Areas of Learning:

  • Religious Education
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts nd Design

Guess How Much I Love You : McBratney, Sam, Jeram, Anita:  Books


Our Focus this half term:

  • Recognising phase 2 sounds 
  • writing lowercase letters 
  • Listening to stories and  then talking about what happened in the story
  • Describing characters in stories 

Our Stories are: Guess how much I love you, The Selfish Crocodile, Paper Dolls

Reception Spellings

Our song for the year is the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy!

God's Mission, Our Mission – God's World – Legacurry Presbyterian Church

Religious Education

Our Focus this Half Term:  God's World

We will learn about God's creation and his love for all of us. 

Key Vocabulary:  God, creation love, Family, prayer, worship 

We are reflecting on the

Virtue of Thankfulness

Jolly Phonics Letter Sound Strips: in Precursive Letters Jolly Phonics S.: Stephen, Lib: Books

Understanding the World

Our Focus this half term: 

  • all about me
  • ourselves and our family
  • the 5 senses

Key Vocabulary: ourselves, body, growing, senses, family

Leader In Me (LIM) Video Clip

Expressive Arts and Design

Our Focus this half term: 

  • portraits
  • colour mixing

Key Vocabulary: painting, printing, building, cutting, sticking, ripping, scrunching, tearing. 

Our Class Charity

Highbury to support Forget Me Not - Highbury Homes