St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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Dear Parents and Carers, I know the summer holiday will seem like a long time for those of you who have not been able to be in school during Lockdown but myself and all the staff wish you all a great summer and we cannot wait to see you all in September! Keep checking the homepage and the class webpages for information as we post it. I will text you when we have uploaded the information about September protocols. Until we see you again- keep smiling and keep staying safe!


Welcome to our Reception Class Page!

You can contact me on:

A message From Mrs Hodges for our Parents and Carers with a child starting Reception in September 2020!

A little message too from Miss Vogel, our Reception teacher! 

Welcome to Reception

We cannot wait to meet you all!

Polite Reminders: Please label all of your child's uniform and send your child in with a spare pair of underwear and a water bottle. They will send the water bottle home every Friday to be cleaned. We ask for £1 snack money a week so we can provide a healthy snack every morning and a treat on Friday.

See you soon, Miss Vogel

Our Topic: How Many Colours in a Rainbow?

We will learn about:

  • Colour in the natural and man- made world
  • Explore and create patterns
  • How colours can be mixed together to create other colours
  • How animals use colour and pattern for camouflage and attraction

The Reception class learn from focused activities (around 20 minutes) and then they get to play in the learning environment.

Our Areas of Learning:

  • Religious Education
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts nd Design

Reception Phonics

Our focus this half term: Phase 2 phonics (single sounds)

If your child is finding a sound tricky look at books with the sound in or play some games e.g Bingo, Snap.

You can search the sound and Geraldine the Giraffe on YouTube for phonics lessons.

Religious Education

Our Focus this Half Term: God's World

We will learn about the Creation Story and how we love and care for the world.


Our Focus this half term: Place value of numbers up to 5! 


Maths Games:


Your child will be sent home with a reading book, we will read weekly with your child and we ask you to try and read daily. We will assess your child's phonics and spellings and choose an appropriate story. We may not change the book weekly if we feel your child needs longer with the book. Please do not become focused on your child changing books, they will be reading lots at school and progressing at their own pace.

We want children to love reading!


Our Focus this half term: Recognising and writing single letters

Reception Spellings