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Well we did not get off to the best start to the Spring Term did we! I know it is frustrating for you. We share that frustration but we know that the lockdown is to increase our levels of safety. We can persevere! Stay strong team St Joe's! You can contact your child's teacher via the email at the top of the class webpage or ring the office if you cannot email. If you need me I am here for you too so get in touch by email to We miss the children already and look forward to being together with them again. Keeping you all in my prayers and thoughts. Mrs Hodges


Welcome to our Reception Class Page!

Thank you for all of your hard work Reception! We are missing you lots and are so proud of all of your learning. This week in Literacy, we will be learning about the story of The Enormous Turnip, the sounds or, z, w,ng and the spelling 'and'. In Maths, we will be learning about mass and capacity. We will be thinking about things that are light and heavy, things that are empty and full and how to compare them. I look forward to seeing all of your super work! I have changed the layout of the webpage to make it easier to follow, I hope it has! I will be uploading videos and as always, email me for any ideas or anything you need :)

Miss Vogel

You can contact me on:

Today's Tasks

1.Phonics: z Click here for PowerPointToday's video 

2.Literacy:  Read the Enormous Turnip story: Click here. Draw the enormous turnip and think of other words to describe it- huge, massive etc. Your adult could write the words and you could copy. Focus on your handwriting and listen for the sounds in the words to help them write it. 

3.Maths: Comparing capacity. Click Link Session 2 and activity:      

Click here for PowerPoint.    Today’s Worksheet:   1.Click here      2.Click here


 Weekly Tasks (1 a day):

4.Religious Education: Being Kind. Think of ways in which we can show love and be kind to people. Make a special picture for someone and talk about why you made it for them. PowerPoint: Click here.

5.Understanding the World: Where do fruit and vegetables grow? Learn names of different vegetables and think about where they grow. Write a list or draw your favourite fruit and vegetables. Where do they grow? PowerPoint: Click here.

6. Physical Development:  Moving and Handling: Can you use a knife and fork when you eat?

7. Physical Development: Health and Self Care: Play dentists and talk about which foods are good and bad for teeth. PowerPoint: Click here.

8. Art and Design: Can you paint using spoons or forks? Look at the pictures below for ideas.


Weekly Challenges:    Phonics: Click here     Literacy: 1.Click here  2.Click here  3.Click here    Maths: 1.Click here 2.Click here 


Websites:  Now free again! Login: Jan21 Password: home


Yesterday's tasks:

1.Phonics: or Click Here for PowerPoint. Video 

2.Literacy:  Read the Enormous Turnip story: Click here.  Write a list of who pulled the turnip out. Use your phonics!

3.Maths: Comparing mass. Click Link Session 1 and activity:      

 Worksheet: Click here.