St Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy

Love, learn and live in Christ!

Welcome to our academy website! We hope you enjoy browsing! You will find lots of information on here about the things we get up to in school as well as other important information. We are enjoying a wonderful summer term so far and our Year 5 and 6 children are looking forward to their residentials over the next few weeks! We still have some places available in our After School Club. If you are interested please give our office a call on 01484 713037. Mrs Hodges


Welcome to our Reception Class Page!

Miss Vogel is our Class Teacher and Mrs Esgate and Mrs Midgley are Reception's teaching assistants.

Mrs Howgate will be teaching Reception on Thursday afternoons

You can contact me on: 

For School events check the School Calendar:

Uniform information:

Celebration Assembly is every Friday 2.50pm (Unless notified on the school calendar). Parents are welcome! I will text you on Thursday if your child is going to be star of the week. 

-Please could you label all of your child's uniform

-Make sure they have a water bottle in school (we will send it home every Friday to be cleaned)

-Please could you pay £1 a week for snack

- Check the school calendar for dates

Thank you!

Questions for Reception

Try and ask children in Reception

what? why? who? which? where? and how? questions.

It really supports their communication and language development. You can ask these whilst reading a story, on a walk or at home!

We made a minibeast house! Who will come and live in it?

We loved meeting the chicks

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Home Learning

Listen to these Monster Phonics stories: 

Can you spot some of the monsters words?

Write a list of some of the words you heard

Number formation booklet: Click here

Maths Learning Challenge: Click here

We are Reception!

Our Class Mission Statement

We will always be kind and helpful.

We will always think about other people, share and listen.

We will always try our hardest.

We will be good leaders!

Monster Phonics

We will be learning 1 sound a week. The Sound will be stuck in their sound book for you to practise at home. 

If your child is finding a sound tricky look at books with the sound in or play some games e.g Bingo, Snap.

Listen to the sounds: 

This week :

 Practice reading and spelling CVCC words

Can you read these sentences?

Click Here

Meet the monsters

You can find out more here: 

Our Topic: Dinosaurs!

We will be learning about:


-Where and when they lived



and lots more....

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Minibeast buns

Our week in Reception

The Reception class learn from focused activities (around 20 minutes) and then they get to play in the learning environment.

Our Areas of Learning:

Religious Education

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language

Physical Development



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts nd Design

Gruffalo Reimagined To Help Children During Lockdown


Our Focus this half term:

Retelling and sequencing stories

Writing our own stories

Writing Facts

Our books are: Harry and the Dinosaurs, The Tiny T-Rex NF: 100 Facts about Dinosaurs, Fossils

Can you read these sentences and draw a picture?


Letter formation is so important. We need to make sure children are leaving Reception being able to form all their letters and numbers correctly. Have a look at these videos to help your child write letters correctly.

We love to read!

Our song for the year is the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy!

Our School Mission Statement: Click Here

Easter - It's Meaning, History & Holiday Symbols Explained

Religious Education

Our Focus this Half Term: 

New Life

We will learn about The Resurrection and how we celebrate and learn from Jesus.

Key Vocabulary:  Jesus, Son of God, miracle, love, Easter, Resurrection

Unique Lent Ideas: Engage Your Parishioners with SMS | SimpleTexting

We are reflecting on the

Virtue of Forgiveness


Understanding the World

Our Focus this half term: 


Animals from the past





Key Vocabulary: dinosaurs, past, fossil, reptile, eggs

Leader In Me (LIM) Video Clip

Expressive Arts and Design

Our Focus this half term: 

Sergey Krasovskiy

Volcano models

Paper Mache eggs

Dinosaur picnic food

Key Vocabulary: planning, artist, model painting, printing, building, cutting, sticking, ripping, scrunching, tearing. 

Our Class Charity

Highbury to support Forget Me Not - Highbury Homes


Our Focus this half term: 



Odd and Even

Adding and subtracting to 10


Maths Games:

Key Vocabulary: Adding, altogether, subtracting, equals,  2d,3d, shapes, odd, even, doubling, sharing

Minibeast day!