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Love, learn and live in Christ!

Hello Parents, Carers and Children! We are at the start of the last half term of the school year. It has been a very challenging time for us all lately and I know I do not need to tell you how myself and the staff long for the day we can all be together and school life returns to normal. I am hopeful that we may begin to start re-opening for groups of children in the coming weeks and will keep you updated as soon as we know anything. Remember to just do what you can when you can. You are doing a brilliant job! As always you can email your child's teacher or myself with any concerns you have. We want to do all we can to support you. We are here for you. The message from the Government is still to keep social distancing measures in place, regular hand washing and vigilance. Stay safe and stay strong! Mrs Hodges


Home School Learning

Welcome to all parents and carers from the Nursery Team , we hope the children are well and accessing some of the learning pack materials. We will endeavour during this time to provide your child with activities and access to learning whilst they are at home. Please keep an eye on the webpage for updates and links. Thank you. We are missing you all very much and we are looking forward to getting back to Nursery and having lots of fun ! 

The Nursery Team

Come and have a look at what's going on in our Nursery.

It's where the fun begins!

Kids and balloons


Our Nursery Team are:

Mrs L Lloyd - Teacher

Mrs R Acheson and Mrs K Normanton - Nursery Nurses 

Mrs D Connolly, Mrs J McGovern and Mrs P Esgate - Nursery Assistants

Take a look  at some of the fabulous thank you messages you have sent in.

It is so kind of you and we really appreciate them. Thank you to all the parents and children for being so supportive.



Thank you Sienna

Thank you Daniel

Home School Activities Section covering the Areas of Learning

If you need any help or have any queries please email Mrs Lloyd


Ahoy, Me Hearties !  Welcome on Board 

To join  the pirate crew, paint your face like a pirate and send in your picture !

Make sure you pull your best pirate face !  Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh !


Send in a photo of you on a holiday 

Can you find out the answers to these questions, Where did you go ? How did you get there? Who went with you?


Thank you for sending in some pictures of the work you are doing , it is great to see the children 

engaged in  their  learning activities at home .

    Pirates, Treasure and Adventure on the High Seas

  Can We Explore It ?    

Summer Term Topic 

For our Summer term topic we will be investigating travel and adventure and asking Can We Explore It ?

Some of the things we will be questioning:

  • How we travel from one place to another;
  • About different types of transport on land, sea and air;
  • How to make maps and plans and how we can use them to find our way;
  • How to give and follow directions;
  • To recognise and make observations of local environments;
  • To investigate places using all of our senses; 
  •  To explore and investigate the life of a pirate;              


       To discover where the treasure can be found! 



 Thank you for your ongoing support in your child's learning, it is greatly appreciated.

The Nursery Team

Home School Activities

Communication and Language


  • Talk with your child about the words Explore, Expedition and Adventure 
  • Do they know what these words mean ?
  • Go on a walk around your local area, take photos of the different things you see on your walk. 
  • Can you use the photos to make a map of your walk and ask your child to describe where they went and the things they saw on their journey.
  •  Check out some other great pirate stories.  


 Home School Activities

Personal and Social Development.

Home School Activities


  • Print out this number shapes matching activity to create a pirate ship 
  • Have a look at this pirate themed maths activity pack from Twinkl
  • Help your child to begin to write numbers independently with these clever  number rhymes.
  • Keep practising writing your numbers with this numbers 1-10 workbook.  


Great work by Finlay on Mini Mash, practising writing numbers 1-5.

Well done Finlay !



Marvellous maths work Alice !   

Home School Activities

Knowledge of the World

Home School Activities

Expressive Arts



The Seven Habits

Here is a reminder of our Seven Habits. 

                                                     Let's start again at Habit 1  Be Proactive

Remember to always do the right thing :-)

                            Practise the Be Proactive Song

Our Emotional Bank Account

This week let's be helpful and look for opportunities to make emotional deposits to people in our family!

How can you help someone at home? Can you help to set the table? Try and say something kind to someone in your family. Can you get dressed by yourself ? Can you make your own bed ? Can you always remember to say thank you ?


LIBRARY DAY is Friday ...........Don't forget to let your child choose a book and you can enjoy it together at home. A big thank you to all the parents who have kindly donated books to our library, this wonderful resource would not be available without your constant support.If you haven't donated a book and would like to, please talk to a member of the Nursery Team.

BOOKS, BOOKS and more BOOKS  ..........reading is the best !!!  

Please try and read with your child daily. We try to foster a love of books and stories in the Nursery and your child will gain so much from having you read with them and show them that books and reading is important and enjoyable.   

We LOVE books!

Image result for love reading

Favourite  Stories

This term we are looking at our favourite stories. Please allow your child to  bring in their favourite book to share and talk about at Nursery. We will be making a display of our favourite books. Thank you.

                                                                KIND REMINDERS

So your child has as much fun as possible and gains as much independence as possible, please remember ;

  • Dress your child in clothing and coats that they can manage themselves
  • Sensible footwear, no sandals, flip flops, crocs or open toed shoes
  • Trousers or shorts to be able to access roktagons and outdoor climbing
  • No expensive clothing or coats they will get dirty and children do get anxious
  • Wellingtons in winter or wet weather- you can leave labelled wellies at Nursery
  • Encourage your child to become independent in using the toilet, it boosts their confidence and self esteem and gives them independence in the Nursery

  Home School Activities


Our story this week is Pirate Pete by Nick Sharrat

  • Listen to the story being read aloud by The Phonics Fairy
  •  See if you can make up your own version of the story
  •  What happened at the end of the story ?
  • Can you make up a different ending ? What will happen at the end of your story ?
  • If you went on an adventure where would you go ? Who would you take with you ?  


  • Keep practising hearing, saying and learning initial letter sounds with this  I-Spy Activity
  • Sing along with the Jolly Phonics Songs like Daniel on the video below.

Great phonics singing Daniel ! You are a Super Star !

Home School Activities 


  • Do you think you could draw a pirate this week ? 
  • Maybe you could draw a pirate ship ?
  •  Can you write some pirate words ? Have a go at writing the pirate catchphrase Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh ! It's got lots of the same letters. Don't forget to send in a picture of your work.
  •   Keep practising your letter formation with this workbook from Twinkl 
  • Letter formation practise. 
  •  Keep practising your handwriting skills with these Handwriting sheets.

         Fantastic writing and drawing Olivia !

  •  Go on a hunt today for everything in your house that starts with a 'P' sound.
  • Can you draw a picture of something that starts with a 'P' sound.
  • DON'T FORGET keep practising writing your name and learn which letters are in your name and the sounds they make.  


Home School Activities


Fantastic cutting and writing Nico ! 

  • Keep up with our yoga sessions and meditation by logging on to Cosmic Kids Yoga and Zen Den.  Go on a Pirate Adventure with Jamie 
  • Or take a trip under the sea with Squish the Fish
  •   Don't forget to keep practising your pencil control with these writing patterns
  •  Try the PPP method  for pencil control- Point the pencil towards you, Pinch the pencil between your finger and thumb and Push the pencil so it rests against the hand. Tripod hold demonstration


The Way the Truth and the Life

 This term our focus is  The Church 

Know that we call the Church the family of God and that we can all belong to this family. 

See if you can create your own house and draw inside all the people who live in your house. 



Check this Box each day for an activity to complete, don't forget to add it to your child's tray. 

Find your link here to access Purple Mash

Activites to try today:

  • When you enter Mini Mash click on the pin in the top right hand corner to access the activities for this week.  

Free websites to access for learning for free activities to download. Go to enter code UKTWINKHELPS

ABCMouse/Adventure Academy for  online games and activities

Pinterest for activity ideas

Mini Mash will be coming soon to our webpage - watch the box above. 

Scholastic free activities for book learning



The Seven Habits

Let's look at Habit 2 this week.

Let's learn the song for Begin with the End in Mind Habit 2

Set a goal

Make a plan

It's great that way

Begin with the End in Mind I say

Begin with the End in Mind is number 2        .