St Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy

Love, learn and live in Christ!

I hope you are all having a fabulous summer so far! Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. We hope you enjoy looking round! We are currently taking applications for September for admission to our Nursery and we would welcome your call to chat to you about your child care needs. We also have a few Reception places for September too. Please contact us by email Alternatively, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Sutcliffe are happy to talk to you on the phone so give us a call on 01484 713037! Staff will be in school from Thursday 2nd September. Mrs Hodges


Food for the Needy of the Parish and Local Area

As part of our community links we have a basket in the Main Entrance in which we collect donations of food (tins, packets, sauces, tea bags, coffee, biscuits etc). Once a week a member of staff takes the food to the SVP (St Vincent de Paul group) in our parish. In turn, the SVP work with the local Salvation Army to sort the food and take it to those people/families they know need it.

This is a wonderful thing and our children and their families are very supportive!

We just ask our children and their families to check that the food is in date before donating it.

Food donations for diabetics are welcome too!

Supporting the Local and Wider Community.

We know that it is our duty as good human beings to try and help those less fortunate than ourselves in whatever way we can. In our academy we do this in many ways, including through lots of fundraising for good causes through the year.

Every little help and we must remember that while it is not always possible to do great things we can do many small things in great ways.

Supporting the Gianna Project

The Diocese of Leeds has a special project called the 'Gianna Project' which was set up by the previous Bishop of the Diocese, Bishop Arthur Roche.

The project collects donations of all the things a baby needs: wipes, bottles, bibs, clothes, high chairs, prams, dummies, rattles, toys, cribs, blankets, mittens etc.

The items are taken to the Leeds where the Gianna headquarters are. They are washed and sorted ready for when they are needed......and they are very much needed.

The items are given to young families and families in need who cannot provide their baby with all the above mentioned things - and more - that a baby should have.

We have a small basket in the main entrance for donations from parents/carers/parishioners which are always very much appreciated!

We ask that the donated items are either new or second hand - but if they are second hand they must be in good condition and clean.

Once the basket is full the items are either taken to, or collected by, Catholic Care ready for the families who need them.

Last year I had the chance to see the good work of the project in action. I took a car load of items donated by our generous parents/carers. One item was a pram. As we arrived at the door a Catholic Care Worker met us to say that she had a family in desperate need of just such a thing! The pram went from my car to her car and straight to the family - and baby - who needed it! Fantastic!

Mrs Hodges