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Our Ethos Statement for this week 18th September is: I know that we must be welcoming to new people and help them all we can!


2017 Results

There are some more National Average % to be added

School Results 2017

Well done to all our children for the progress they have made in their Learning Journey so far! We are very proud of all their efforts and achievements!

My thanks to all the staff in school who have ensured great provision and progress for our children. I appreciate their hard work and I am sure you do too.

Thank you too for all the support you give your child at home as this is invaluable in promoting a positive attitude to learning and contributing to progress.

You will have received your child’s report and been made aware of all they have achieved. I know you will commend them for all their efforts

but will also take note of the targets the teachers have set for them.

Please start work on these targets as soon as you can over the summer to give your child the best start to the next stage in their journey.

SCHOOL results in BLUE     NATIONAL results in GREEN


Early Years Results – given at the end of the Reception class year


Expected+ School                National

Exceeding School                 

Achieving 'Good Level of Development' 

73%                                        70.7%



End of Year 1 Phonics Test

83% School  81.4% National

 End of Year 2 Repeat Phonics Test

67% School            


End of Key Stage 1 Results

% children meeting Age Related Expectations                   % children working at Greater Depth

                                              Reading87%      National 75.7%                                                               13.3%    

                                               Writing   -73%      National 68.3%                                                                10%

                                               Maths     -83%      National 75.2%                                                                   10%

                                  RWM Combined  -70%      National 63.8%


End of Key Stage 2 Results

% children meeting Age Related Expectations                   % children working at Greater Depth

                                          Reading – 93%        National 71%                                                                 40%

                                          Writing    - 83%       National 76%                                                                  17%

                                           SPG        - 93%       National 77%                                                                  30%

                                          Maths      - 97%       National 75%                                                                  43%

                             RWM Combined   - 80%