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Allocation, Spending and Impact

Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is allocated on the number of children on Free School Meals and ‘Ever 6’ children (those who have been identified as entitled to free school meals at any time in the last 6 years).

Adopted children and children of services personnel are also eligible for funding.


Number of children eligible for Pupil Premium Grant and Pupil Premium Grant received


2013 - 2014

2014 - 2015

 2015 - 2016


Total number of children eligible for PPG


2 children of services personnel


2 adopted children

2 children of services personnel

25 children

1 LAC child

2 children of services personnel

22 children

1 child of services personnel

Total amount of PPG received

£20 913

£33 700

 £36 380

 £29 340


How we spent our PPG in 2015- 2016

1-1 support and small group work with a teacher for children in danger of falling behind

Additional reading and phonics provision

Training and admin for staff on Pupil Premium in order ensure secure understanding

Access to Catholic Care worker to support mental and social well-being

Teaching Assistants to deliver interventions and to provide additional support in class

Support with the cost of Breakfast Club to enable access to a good breakfast to start the day

Support with uniform to ensure dressed in line with policy as the other children are

Subsidising educational visits to enable the same access to additional experiences that other children have

Impact of Pupil Premium

The support for children from the Catholic Care worker has boosted mental well-being and self-esteem, enabling them to engage with others more effectively and positively impacting on their performance in the classroom. The children tell us they like this 1-1 or small group time away from the populated classroom and that Eileen, our catholic Care Worker, will feedback what they agree to their teachers so they can continue to be supported.

Many of our children across school made at least good or better progress in line with their peers by the end of the academic year, although for some children we know that the impact will take a longer time.

At the end of KS1 3/4 Pupil Premium children met Age Related Expectations and the child who had to resit the end of Y1 phonics test passed. The child who did not meet Age Related Expectations still made progress from their starting point.

At the end of KS2 4/6 Pupil Premium children met Age Related Expectations in Reading Writing and Maths although all made progress from their starting points. Our children developed resilience, perseverance and confidence as a result of first quality teaching and effective interventions.

Our children also had access to breakfast club and items of uniform as well as workshops and educational visits to ensure equality of provision which enabled them to access the same experiences as non pupil premium children. Some of our children also accessed after school clubs.

We will ensure that over the course of the next academic year we will rigorously monitor the impact of any interventions and the rate of progress made using the new assessment procedures in place.

Future Plans and Proposals 2016 - 2017

We intend to use our funding this year to continue to provide:

  • additional intervention for those children needing it – either 1-1 or additional/small group work from teaching assistants
  • booster group intervention from a teacher in small groups
  • access to the Catholic Care worker for those children who need this to support their emotional and mental well-being
  • additional swimming for any child who has not passed the National Standard (swimming 25m in deep water)
  • support with the cost of Breakfast Club and uniform
  • subsidising the cost of educational visits
  • access to a Coding Club for those children who cannot access a computer/internet at home
  • access to other after school clubs
  • other opportunities as they arise and are deemed good value for money to support the development of the children