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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Brighouse               Asthma Policy


St Joseph’s school is an inclusive community that aims to support and welcome pupils with asthma.

We strive to ensure that the whole school environment, which includes physical, social, sporting and educational activities, is inclusive and favourable to children with asthma.

We ensure all staff understand their duty of care to children and young people in the event of an emergency.

All staff feel confident in knowing what to do in an emergency.

All our new school staff receive asthma awareness training.

We have clear guidance on the administration and storage of medicines and record keeping.

A hard copy of this policy MUST be kept with practical guidance leaflets etc. on managing asthma episodes in the medical room.


General Guidelines

Every Asthmatic child should have their inhaler(s) and spacer* in school at all times. These are to be stored in the child’s classroom in a blue bag on the back of the storeroom door and staff and children with inhalers in that room should know where their inhaler is kept.

Their individual Care Plan plus Parental Consent for staff to administer medicine are kept on file in the Medical Room.

If children are on a school trip or are off the premises the lead staff member should be responsible for ensuring that all inhalers are taken and that each child has easy access to their inhaler. This includes Church and Swimming etc.


Children with asthma are encouraged to take control of their condition once they and they parent/carer feel they are confident enough to do this – supported by the staff.

Children with asthma are included in all school activities.


All blue inhaler bags must be taken out in the event of a Fire Alarm or other emergency situation involving an evacuation of the building or lock-down.


St Joseph’s is committed to providing children with a physical environment, which is accessible to children with asthma. When buildings decisions are made the Governors will ensure that this commitment is considered.

Our commitment to an accessible physical environment includes out of school visits and the school ensures these visits are accessible to all children, striving to ensure all can be included in the activities on offer. We ensure the needs of the children with asthma are adequately considered to ensure they have full access to extended school activities such as school productions, after school clubs and residential activities.

Staff use opportunities such as PE lessons and assemblies to raise awareness of asthma amongst children and to help create a positive social environment.


We ensure all classroom teachers, TAs and sports coaches:

  • understand that children with asthma should not be forced to take part in activity if they feel unwell
  • are aware of the potential triggers for pupil’s asthma when exercising and are aware of ways to minimise these triggers

We ensure all children have the appropriate medicines with them during physical activity and that children take them when needed.


Risk assessments are carried out for any out of school visit and asthma is always considered during this process. Factors considered include how routine and emergency medicines will be stored and administered and where help could be obtained in an emergency.

There may be additional medicines, equipment or factors to consider when planning residential visits. These may be in addition to any medicines, facilities and healthcare plans that are normally available in school.

Staff understand their duty of care to children in the event of an emergency. In an emergency situation school staff are required under common law duty of care, to act like any reasonably prudent parent. This may include administering medicines.


All staff who work with children at our school receive training and know what to do in an emergency for the children in their care with asthma.

Training is refreshed for all staff at least every two years.

We use school asthma healthcare plans to inform the appropriate staff (including supply teachers and support staff), of children in their care who may need emergency help.


On occasions when a child needs to go to hospital, appropriate medical information is available on file in the Medical Room to send with the child