St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Love, learn and live in Christ!

We are holding an Open Afternoon for Parents/Carers of children due to start school in September 2019. Come along and meet the Headteacher and Reception staff as well as have a look around school! MONDAY 12TH NOVEMBER 2018 at 1.30pm. Please ring us on 01484 713037 to let us know if you will be coming along!




The safety of children at our school is the primary concern, and all decisions taken have that criterion as their priority.

However, working life must go on, and we will not close the school except where children's safety is at risk.

The following guidelines should be observed, please, in readiness for future winters:


Snowfall through the night/early morning:

We will try to be open if the health and safety of our children and staff is not compromised.

We will post a notice on the school’s website and Calderdale’s website by 7.30am stating whether the school is open or closed. There will also be announcements made on Radio Leeds and a text message will be sent to those who have supplied us with a mobile phone number.


It is your decision whether or not to send your child/children to school, and our guidance here is that LEARNING AND TEACHING MUST GO ON AS NORMALLY AS POSSIBLE.

However, if, in your judgement, your child would be in danger if you sent them to school then keep them at home.

Only you can make that decision, and it depends very much on where you live.


We understand that some children may arrive late if conditions are difficult, we prefer lateness to absence.


Early Closure

If the school has to close early due to further snowfall and/or icy conditions, we will again post it on the websites and send text messages to all who have supplied us with their mobile phone numbers.


PLEASE do not ring school to find out what the position is r/e early closure. This simply means that our lines become blocked and no one can ring in or out.


Please be alert to the weather.


Thank you