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Handwriting is so important in a child's educational journey. It is the way in which they showcase their wonderful writing.

The starting point for legible, confident and clear handwriting is pencil grip. We ask all our parents/carers to help their child adopt a good pencil grip by initially placing the pencil correctly in their child's hand and positively correcting them whenever they forget until it becomes automatic.

In this day and age of technology there seems to be less and less of an opportunity for children to colour in and draw at home using coloured pencils, felt tips, crayons and pencils/pens.  We appeal to our parents/carers to create lots of opportunities for their child to draw and colour in and write to enable a better chance of progress in school.

It is wonderful that so many of our children come into school already attempting to write their name and other words but we appeal to our parents/carers to make life easier for their child by encouraging the correct formation from the earliest opportunity.

These include:

* anti-clockwise marks....................c   c   c  (starting at the top right and circling round to the left until c is formed)

* downward strokes.........................l    l    l  (starting at the top and making a downward mark)

The anti-clockwise 'c' formation is the basis of:   a   c   d   g   q

The downward 'l' formation is the basis of:    b   h   i   k   l   m   n   p   r   t 


Handwriting sheets illustrating correct formation are available from school - just ask your child's teacher or request one from the office.