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We are offering up to 30 free hours Nursery places. Contact us on 01484 713037 to chat about your child care needs.


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News Stories

  • Tournament Success!
    A huge thank you to all our staff and parents who supported the Tournament last Saturday, especially those who gave up their precious time to help organise the day.
  • 30 Hours Free Nursery Childcare available!
    For more information look in the Parent & Carer Tab - Admissions - Nursery!
  • School opens
    We are currently on holiday for Spring Bank and re-open on Monday 12th June.
  • Lampedusa Cross Parishes Event
    The Lampedusa display is working its way the parishes and has been very well received the ones it has visited so far! It will be in our own parish church hall on Saturday and Sunday 18th and 19th March so please do go in and have a look!