St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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Our Ethos Question this w/b 18th June: Do I recognise and accept that while we have things in common, we are also different?



There has been great excitement in school as Year 5 have been the hosts of an incubator of 12 hen eggs!

9 of the eggs hatched and the children from Nursery to Year 6 have visited them!

They were quite noisy and kept the children entertained! Each class in school named one of the chicks and some of the names were very creative!

These were the names that the classes came up with and voted for!

Nursery - Flower

Reception - Cupcake

Year 1 - Chicky

Year 2 - Roxy

Year 3 - Cutie-Pie

Year 4 - Katie

Year 5 - Sir Chirpsalot and Chickalulu

Year 6 - Chicka-chicka-boom-boom!

It has been very exciting for everyone!