St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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'This school continues to be GOOD. The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. You are passionate about ensuring that the school gives every child the opportunities to achieve and succeed. These aspects ... result in a ‘can do’ spirit across the school from staff, pupils and parents.' Ofsted 2017. Please contact our main office to enquire if we have any places 01484713037.


Here are our Junior Leadership team for 2017-2018!

They will be involved in lots of projects and initiatives this year and we know they will do a great job!

JLT Re-organise Playtime Equipment!

The JLT organised a bun sale to raise money for new playtime equipment for KS2. They raised £100! It wasn't quite enough so they applied to the PTSC for some more money so they could buy some more equipment. Luckily the PTSC said yes!

They wanted each class to have a colour and have ordered equipment in red, blue, yellow and green! That should make it much easier to organise!

When the equipment arrives, is organised and is being used we will post some photos! have a look out for them!

Learning Walk

The JLT met with an external advisor to the school, Mrs Warden, and spent the day with her moving around the school and evaluating what they saw. They put their ideas in a report for the Senior Leadership Team of the school and the Governors.

NSPCC Number Day

The JLT helped to organise our annual Number Day to raise funds for the NSPCC. There were class competitions based on numbers with super prizes and everyone had to wear something with numbers on! There were sports shirts, stuck on numbers, drawn on numbers, sewn on numbers, dominoes, playing cards and even a number crown! We had a great day and collected over £300 for the charity. Well done JLT!