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This week is the second of the season of ADVENT. We now light the first two purple candles on our Advent Wreath. The first purple candle represents HOPE. The second represents LOVE. What do you do to show your family and friends that you love them?


Welcome to the Year 6 Web Page!

Our Year 6 team are: Mrs Foxcroft (Class Teacher) and Mrs Payton (Teaching Assistant)  

Our topic for Autumn 2 is the World Wars.

The centenary of the Armistice has been at the centre of our thoughts as we studied the impact of both world wars at home and abroad. 

We had a fantastic workshop with Matthew Bellwood on the 'Home Front' finding out what life was like in Britain during WWII. Our video shows some of the things which would have happened in an air-raid.

We placed our poppies in our seating circle to help create our school garden of remembrance.  Visiting the Brighouse War memorial helped us understand the sacrifice made by local people and we recognised familiar surnames amongst them.  Joining other primary schools at the Central Methodist Church, we remembered those who gave their lives.

We had a visit from Shantha Rao from Annapurna Indian Dance. She taught us about the 1.1 million soldiers from the Indian subcontinent who fought for the British Empire in WWI.  75,000 lost their lives. It was a moment to remember the sacrifice that stretches across the world.

We also joined in with some Indian dance to celebrate the peace we continue to have and hold dear. 

Our Topic for Autumn 1 was I.D.

Who are we?

We thought about what makes us unique and the special qualities and skills we all have.  The book 'The Goldfish Boy' by Lisa Thompson formed the basis of some of our English work. This novel tells of a young boy's struggles to deal with his anxieties as he also tries to solve a worrying mystery. We were hooked!

In science, we learned about the body: the circulatory system; how drugs affect our bodies; and what we can do to live healthy lives.

We had a visit from CSI Hollie, (Crime Scene Investigator) who explained her work. We examined our fingerprints and dusted for prints too. I think she inspired many of the class to think about forensic science as a future career!

Our PE topic for Autumn 1 was DANCE where the class use dance to express identity.

Please view our video above.

Reminder indoor PE kit needed in school each Wednesday. Autumn 2 focus is GYMNASTICS.


At the buddy assembly, Year 6 officially welcomed all the reception children to our school family. They placed their bead, which represent each member of our school community, into the heart shaped basket.  We had a little party afterwards too!

Year 6 have helped our new children settle really into the St Joseph's school family.

The pictures below also show the first time we all met and chatted together.


Our science topic is 'Light'. We investigated if light travels in straight lines. Would light rays travel through the holes in a row of cards?

We took part in BBC Learning Live, joining many primary schools across the country to learn more about WWI and remember. Our question was one of only three chosen to discuss and we were very excited to see our name on screen.

Thank you for the fabulous poppy exhibits which will be displayed at Halifax Town Hall during remembrance week 5th - 9th November. See leaflet below.

Some of our artwork developing our sketching and observational skills.


Homework will be set each week on Fridays (both English and Maths). It will be due in the following Wednesday

Spellings recorded in your spelling log must be learned. Parents should test you and sign the page to show this has been done. If you don't have any recorded, learn some of the Y5/6 orange words at the back.

Maths learn-its sheets are also sent home each Friday after the test. You should make sure you practise these so that you can improve your score which will help your arithmetic skills.

Remember, half an hour reading every night will make a huge difference to your writing and is a great way to wind down at the end of the day.  Put those devices down and relax with a good book...

 Important Dates


6/12/18  1:30pm Y6 Christmas Craft afternoon in the hall. Parents welcome to come and spend time with their child on festive activities

14/12/18 6:30 - 8:30pm Christmas Disco

18/12/18 Y6 Christmas party

20/12/18 Christmas jumper and dinner

21/12/18 Mass 9:30am

 Our RE topic for Autumn 2: JUSTICE

We will learn about Jesus' teaching and how as Christians, we should treat everyone as our neighbour.  We will focus on the work of our chosen charity CAFOD and also find out about the life of Oscar Romero, who worked for justice in El Salvador. He was recently canonised on October 14th by Pope Francis. The link below is a news clip of the day.

All the class are working on their 'Faith in Action Award'.  Anything they do at home which can earn them some credits, please send in a record to school (photo, written  note). A reminder of the 4 areas:

  1. Prayer (e.g. planning worship, praying the rosary, reading a Bible story, showing or teaching a prayer/hymn at home)
  2. Parish Practice (e.g. attending a youth group, attending Mass, altar serving, greeting parishioners at school/church)
  3. Procession & Pilgrimage (e.g. going to a sacred site or place of pilgrimage e.g. Kirkstall Abbey, attending the Batley Torchlight, attending a May Procession, Remembrance service).
  4. Social Action (e.g. raising money for charity, donating to a food bank or charity shop).

Each half term, as part of their Faith in Action, a different group will focus on planning whole school worship and fundraising (for our chosen charity CAFOD).

The first group planned a 100 square raffle and raised £14.30.  They also organised the Harvest Liturgy and praying the rosary at break times in the hall. Well done!

Our RE topic 'Called to Serve' supported preparation for the sacrament of confirmation which will take place within the parish.

How do we serve God in our daily lives?

What does it mean to be a Catholic Christian?

How do people show their service to God and others?

Canon came to talk to us about his 50 years of service as a priest and what this means to him.