St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Love, learn and live in Christ!

Our Ethos Statement for this week 20th November is: I think before I make choices that affect my health!


Welcome to the Year 6 Web Page!

Our Year 6 team are: Mrs Foxcroft (Class Teacher) and Mrs Payton (Teaching Assistant).

Our topic for Autumn 2: The World Wars

We will look at the causes of the World War I and the great loss of life, remembered 100 years later. Our main focus will be on World War II and how this impacted on life in Britain and differed to the first Great War.

Our PE topic is archery and fencing.  Have indoor and outdoor PE kit in school.

Our eyes reveal a lot about us.  We were very proud of our detailed sketches in our art lesson!

Our Topic for Autumn 1 was I.D.

Who are we?

We had a visit from Hollie, a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) who explained her work.  The protective suits are tricky enough to get into but we tried racing each other! She showed us how footprints are a good way of identifying criminals but finger printing is the best because all finger prints are unique. She loves her job and maybe one of Year 6 might be inspired to work in this scientific field?



Due 10th November. We will display your work in class.  Be creative - you can use a computer, artwork, photographs...

We have worked on a ukulele composition called 'Blues Mobile'. It includes some improvisation...

We thoroughly enjoyed our music workshop! Watch the video of our samba inspired music and the variety of instruments used...


Homework will be set each week, alternating between Maths and English. Spellings recorded in your spelling log must be learned. Parents should test you and sign the page to show this has been done. If you don't have any recorded, learn some of the Y5/6 orange words at the back.

Remember, half an hour reading every night will make a huge difference to your writing and is a great way to wind down at the end of the day.  Put those devices down and relax with a good book...

 Important Dates

26/10/17 Finish for half term

9/11/17 Y5 & 6 mass 2:15pm in the hall. Please join us.

10/11/17 Girls only puberty talk

10/11/17 Parents welcome to look at your child's books with them in the hall. 2:45pm onwards

14/11/17 Parents' evening 1pm onwards

23/11/17 Visit to Eden Camp

1/12/17 Y6 Christmas craft afternoon

15/12/17 School Christmas Disco

19/12/17 Y5 & 6 party am & Christmas dinner!

21/12/17 Mass 9:30am & close


 Our R.E. topic up to Christmas is Justice

 We will learn about those who have worked for justice in the world (such as Archbishop Romero) and how a belief in justice and peace is central to our Christian faith. We will find out more about the Catholic charity CAFOD.

The Kingdom of God Autumn 1 

We listened to Jesus' parable of 'The Workers in the Vineyard' then freeze framed part of the story.  We had an interesting discussion about the fairness of this parable and its meaning.  We realised God's Kingdom is open for all and it is never too late to enter. God our Father is love and all forgiving.


At the beginning of the year, Year 6 welcomed their buddies from the reception class into our school family. Each child placed a bead into our heart shaped basket as a symbol of joining our loving community of faith.