St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Love, learn and live in Christ!

This week is the second of the season of ADVENT. We now light the first two purple candles on our Advent Wreath. The first purple candle represents HOPE. The second represents LOVE. What do you do to show your family and friends that you love them?



Forthcoming Events....     Tues 4th Dec - Christmas Craft Afternoon (come along and get in the festive spirit!) Tues 18th Dec - Y5 Christmas Party Day  Thurs 20th Dec - Christmas Jumper & Christmas Dinner day  Fri 21st Dec - School closes for the Christmas Holidays   

Our Teacher is

Mrs Bonner

Our Teaching Assistant is

Mrs Brook

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This school year we are proud to be supporting 

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

The children are doing a fantastic job of organising fundraising projects and we are extremely proud of their efforts and enthusiasm in supporting this charity

So far we have raised a total of



This half term our theme is 

'Temples, Tombs and Treasures'

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We will study the Ancient Egyptian civilization. We will consider what we would like to find out about life in these times and any ways in which this has influenced our lives today.



 Last half term our theme was

'Alchemy Island'


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As scientists we will explore a variety of materials and the way in which they behave when we do certain things to them.

As Geographers we will learn to read and write 6 figure grid reference and plot our journey across the island. We will also look closely at contour lines on maps and create our own contour models.

As artists we will use line and colour to create an optical illusion of travelling down a corridor to reach our portal.

As musicians we will create a soundtrack to represent our journey through the portal to reach the island

As designers we will design and create a board game based on our journey across the island

Optical Illusions

We used line and colour to create the illusion of travelling along a corridor to reach the portal that would transport us to 'Alchemy Island'


PE is on Wednesday

This half term we are developing our skills in

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Our RE Topic is

'The Ten Commandments'

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We will reflect on their meaning and how they relate to our lives today.

We will consider which commandment is the most important, which is the most difficult to keep and if we could introduce an eleventh commandment what would it be?

The Mummy's Tomb

We had a great time as embalmers - learning all about the Ancient Egyptian process of mummification.

We also enjoyed listening to a story about the Egyptian gods and how the  very first Egyptian mummy came to be.

Our Visit to Catalyst Science Museum

We had a great time working as scientists to make potions that changed colour, temperature and consistency. We then heated, moulded and cooled CAPA to create our own keyring.

Acid, Alkaline or Neutral?

We tested a variety of substances to find out if they were acid, alkaline or neutral. We added red cabbage indicator to each and watched what happened to the colour. 

Red/Pink/Orange indicates ACID

Blue/Green indicates ALKALINE

Purple indicates NEUTRAL

Homework is set every Friday 

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Maths and English will be sent out alternately on a Friday.

We also ask that you spend some time each evening reading and practising spellings and learn its.


We gathered for class worship where we placed crosses in our 'Garden of Remembrance' in memory of loved ones no longer with us.

We then spent time in our gathering circle where spent time thinking about the freedom we have and placing poppies around the circle in honour of those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom.

Ukulele Lessons 

We are continuing to build a range of musical skills in our weekly lessons with Mr Eady.

We have learnt a range of chords on the ukulele and we also have the opportunity to accompany the piece we are playing with different percussion instruments.


Soluble or Insoluble?

We tested different substances to see if they were soluble or insoluble in water.

We tested coffee, hot chocolate, sugar, salt, baking powder, powder paint, flour and oil.

High or Low


We investigated the density of different liquids and objects. The liquids were syrup, water and oil and the objects were a 2p coin, a grape and a cork.


Observing the liquids we found that syrup had a high density as it stayed at the bottom, oil has the lowest density and water had a higher density than the oil but lower than the syrup.


Observing the objects we found the coin had the highest density as it sank to the bottom. the cork had the lowest as it floated on top of the oil and the grape had a higher density than the cork,oil and water but lower than the coin and syrup as it sat on top of the syrup.