St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Love, learn and live in Christ!

Our Ethos Question this w/b 12th February 2018 is: How do I ask for forgiveness and how do I forgive others?


Welcome to Year 3!

Mrs Hartley teaches us on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Eland teaches us on Thursday and Friday.

  Mrs Connolly and Mrs Tolan are our Teaching Assistants.


We have had a fabulous day at our Citizens of Chocoate workshop. It was all about the Mayans and the invention of chocolate. We took part in so many fun activities like creating a chocolate cookery show, acting out a chocolate bar advert and we even played a game of Mayan football! We learnt so much and had great fun at the same time. 


 In RE this half term our theme is "Called to Change". We will be thinking about forgiveness and reconciliation. The children will listen to and read parables and stories which explore the theme of forgiveness and they will be given the opportunity to respond creatively to these stories with artwork and creative writing tasks

Super Scientists

Investigating the texture of different soil types (and getting muddy at the same time) proved very popular with Year 3. They were asked to wet their soil type and then attempt to shape it into a sausage. The result they got determined which texture their soil type was. Why don't you ask your child which soil type they tested.

Some of us in Year 3 are making our First Reconciliation!

We are making our First Sacrament with the help of our parents and teachers, please pray for us.

Chocolate Fossils

Year 3 have been learning all about how fossils are made. They loved making their own fossils out of chocolate and then eating them when they had finished. Why don't you ask them if they can remember how long it takes for a real fossil to be made.

Volcano Art

The classroom now looks explosive as the children have used a variety of materials to make their own volcano artwork. Some have a 3D effect and lots of them are sparkling with glitter!


Image result for calendar clipart 



Each week homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be returned the following Wednesday. The children will be given one piece of written work each week and this will alternate between Maths and English.


Please do read your child's reading book as regularly as possible with them at home also.


Year 3 have PE every Wednesday. Please ensure they have their indoor and outdoor kit in school on this day. This half term the children will be learning gymnastics.


The children will go swimming every Friday and will need their kit in school then.

Our aim is for all our children to be able to swim at least 25m in deep water and have knowledge of water safety!