St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Love, learn and live in Christ!

Our Ethos Statement for this week 20th November is: I think before I make choices that affect my health!


Welcome to our Reception Class Page!

Our Teacher is Mrs Dennison

and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Heyhoe, Mrs Lister and Mrs Pullan.

Welcome to Reception!

P.E. Kits 

These will be kept in school on their pegs until half term - when they will be sent home to be washed.



Encouraging Independence:

If your child has snack money/letters/reply slips etc. in their bag please tell them - so they can hand them in themselves when asked in class about them. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Please remember to check your child's book bag daily for: letters/information sheets/phonic books/new sounds etc

Thank you

Diary Dates


Friday 8th December - Nativity Production at 10am, presented with our Nursery class. We do hope you can come!



This half term we will be looking at

God's World.


We will be learning that we are all different but each of us is special to God.  We will be looking at Creation and learning about taking care of our world and each other.

This half term our theme is...

 Why do you love me so much?

Here are some of the things we will look at:

  • our own families, our extended families, school family and parish family
  • the roles of our family and carers
  • the things that make us unique
  • discuss feelings and emotions
  • how we take care of ourselves and each other

Reading Stories to your Child

RImage result for bookworm

Can your child hold the book the correct way up?  Do they know we always look left to right? Tell them the title and see if it gives them any clues as to what the story may be about.

Please talk to your child about the characters in any story you read to them. Can they predict what is going to happen next? How do they think someone is feeling? etc

Phonic Homework

Children have all been given Phonic book 1,2, 3 with the corresponding letter sounds in a small plastic tub to practice daily at home - just 5 mins - as well as at school. When your child knows those letter sounds  - they will be exchanged for the next book  and the additional sound cards to correspond with it will be enclosed. Once your child can tell you the correct letter sound using the picture clues - turn them over and see if they know the corresponding sound with just the letters !

As they progress through the phonic books - 7 in all, please keep going back and checking the earlier sounds so that they retain them.

The children will complete all 7 phonic books before getting reading books.