St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Love, learn and live in Christ!

School opens on Monday 26th February for Half Term 4!


Come and have a look at what's going on in our Nursery.

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Kids and balloons


Our Nursery Team are:

Mrs L Lloyd - Teacher, Mrs R Acheson and Mrs K Normanton - Nursery Nurses and Miss A Edwards - Nursery Assistant

LIBRARY DAY is Friday ...........Don't forget to let your child choose a book and you can enjoy it together at home. A big thank you to all the parents who have kindly donated books to our library, this wonderful resource would not be available without your constant support.

BOOKS, BOOKS and more BOOKS  ..........reading is the best !!!    

We LOVE books!

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The Way, the Truth and the Life

 This term our topic will be

                             Sorrow and Joy                               

We will begin to understand that we are capable of hurting others and that we should always try to be kind to each other. We will begin to know that we can say sorry when we hurt someone but we need to ask Jesus to help us do this. We will learn that Jesus forgave those who hurt him and know that we can forgive others when they hurt us. We will learn to be able to ask Jesus to help us to be kind to others.





Important Dates for your Diary

  • Monday 26th Feb - School opens
  • Thursday 1st March - World Book Day (Dress up as your favourite book character)
  • Monday 5th March- Mother's Day Shop
  • Friday 23rd March - Comic Relief Day
  • Thursday 29th March- School Closes for Easter.

New Starters                                
 A warm welcome to Jacob who will be starting with us this term. We hope you have a very happy and enjoyable time with us. We have lots of exciting activities planned and we know you will make lots of new friends.

Having fun at Nursery!


How Does That Building Stay Up ? 


Here are some of the things we will be learning  about :

  •  Different kinds of buildings and structures and how they are made
  •  Investigating different materials and how to build with them
  • Using a range of small and large construction
  •  Working outside to create different structures and how things fit together
  •  The tools  and techniques needed to build a structure 
  • About different machines used in building
  •  Investigating different types of homes and talking about our own homes
  • Different ways of measuring, marking out and planning a structure
  •  Talking about the different people involved in creating a building
  •  Reading the story of The Three Little Pigs to explore construction and role play