St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Love, learn and live in Christ!

School opens on Monday 26th February for Half Term 4!


Parish Links


Bishop Marcus visits the Parish - May 21st and 22nd

Bishop Marcus enjoyed his visit to our parish and listening to the choir singing in the Mass. He spent some time with us in the church hall and the children enjoyed talking to him.

St Joseph's Parish Church can be located on Martin Street Brighouse.

(Multimap for St Joseph's Church)

Our Parish Priest is Canon Phil Fitzgerald. He is always very pleased when the children from school contribute to the Parish Mass. 


At the Parish vigil Mass on the first Saturday of every month, the children from school lead the singing and prepare the bidding prayers.

You are very welcome to come along and join us!                                                                                                                               Saturday Mass is at 6pm.

At different times of the liturgical year our school children contribute in different ways, for example leading the May Devotion or enacting the Advent Wreath.