Our Year 2 Team are

Mrs Bedford - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Mrs Curry - Thursday and Friday 

Mrs Michaels and Mrs Tolan are our Teaching Assistants

All the staff team in Y2 wish you and your families a happy and Holy Easter. Enjoy and relax!

Upcoming Y2 Dates:

April 24th - return for the start of the Summer term.


Our RE topic for this half term is


About this topic.

We will be looking at the Resurrection and the events in Jesus' life until the ascension when He goes into heaven to be with His Father forever and sends the Holy Spirit to the apostles.This will include:

  • The story of Eastertide and the Resurrection of Jesus.
  • His appearance to the apostles on the  shores of Lake Galilee.
  • Jesus tells His apostles He has bad news and will be returning to his Father in Heaven for ever.
  • The promise to send the Holy Spirit.
  • The ascension back to Heaven.
  • The Holy Spirit comes.

On Wednesday March 1st it was Ash Wednesday which marked the beginning of the season of Lent. Find out about Lent by reading the power point below.








Class Worship - Theme:-

Peace of Mind.

Give me peace O Lord I pray

In my work and in my play.

And inside my heart and mind.

Lord give me peace.

Called to Serve


Look at our castles and our work using a quill feather and ink!

Our topic this half term is ..........

Some of our art work will be in the style of Jackson Pollock.

Who is that man making a mess on the floor? Why that’s Jackson Pollock and he is a really cool artist!

Pollock is a famous American artist who invented a new way of painting called Action painting.

He dripped paint onto a large canvas on the floor. It was called Action painting because Pollock would move very quickly across the painting, dribbling the paint in long, wobbly lines. Sometimes he threw the paint onto the canvas and some of his paintings still have footprints on them where he stepped in the paint.

A "Pollock" masterpiece below!

We will also be mixing and creating potions based on

George's Marvellous Medicine.

Watch out!!!!

It will involve painting, collage, food, and materials.

Homework will be given out every week to be completed by the following week.

Image result for pencil

Spellings will be given out every Monday for a test the following Monday.

Image result for spelling

Y2 visited Conisbrough Castle in Doncaster on


Image result for conisbrough castle doncaster

Image result for conisbrough castle doncaster

Y2's visit to Conisbrough Castle.

We had our first workshop - "Stories from the Keep!"

Workshop 2!

Life at Conisbrough Castle.

We had a guided tour and found out about what life was like living in a castle and how it was built

We investigated the rooms and smells of the old castle. It was very exciting and we found out lots of interesting facts about life in a medieval castle.

Y2 Medieval Dressing up Day!

We all  had great fun. We had an archery contest and a sword fighting competition.

The archery competition.

Sword fighting competition.


 P.E is on a WEDNESDAY!

 Please ensure your correct P.E. kit is in school. 

Image result for PE


What a fantastic time we had at Cliffe House

Have a look at some of the things we got up to!




Y2 were so excited to have the newly born chicks visit us in the classroom. Mrs Bonner, with her Y5 class, have been finding out about how chicks hatch and their life cycle. They had 12 eggs in an incubator of which 9 hatched and are surviving well and thriving. 

Year 5 said we could choose a name for one of the chicks. We all shared our ideas and then voted for the name we liked the best. The winning one was....'Roxy'!


View photos from the Key Stage 1 Nativity. It was fabulous!

We loved learning the songs and retelling the Christmas Story.

Today we acted out the story of the miracle of the Loaves and Fishes. It was great fun and very meaningful.



Our Masterpieces!

On Tuesday March 14th Y2 - as part of their instruction writing - the children made banana muffins. They had great fun and really enjoyed baking and of course eating the muffins!